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Author Topic: Rock on the top  (Read 4760 times)


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Rock on the top
« on: Oct 7 2005, 05:09 »

I have the perversion of wanting to take a rock from the summit of each of the seven summits back home with me as a souvenir. Got rock from Kili.

I guess Aconcagua will be no problem either. Nor will Carstensz. How about the big E, Denali and Elbrus though? Vinson?

Anything that doesn't melt will be OK actually:)
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Re: Rock on the top
« Reply #1 on: Oct 7 2005, 14:45 »

Everest is doable, it's just about 10 meters below the summit where I took mine  8)

I did not collect it on Denali and it might be hard to find anything near the summit. Vinson I hope to let you know asap  ;D

Aconcagua is a collection of one big pile of rocks, so that is easy and you might do other climbers a favor ...
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Re: Rock on the top
« Reply #2 on: Oct 7 2005, 21:47 »

About Vinson, I'll let you know in January if there are any rocks on top...



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Re: Rock on the top
« Reply #3 on: Oct 8 2005, 22:21 »

On Denali I found my piece of the mtn above Denali pass, also around high camp there are plenty to be found. Elbrus was no problem as well. I too may find out about Vinson next year if plans go that way. Both Aconcagua and Kili are rock collector havens..enjoy. Good luck.
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