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Author Topic: Waste on Kilimanjaro, how to manage the problem?  (Read 4658 times)


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Picking up one another thread on this site

If I could make one suggestion, it would be to request that more effort be made by every team to pick up more of the trash on the mountain.
Judy Scavone

I agree with Judy more efforts should be directed at managing the levels of rubbish on Kili. An ever increasing amount is building on all sides of the mountain.
I personally was saddened by this and felt compelled to pay my porters to help clean up each site we went through on the Lemoshi/Western Breach route and it was amazing how many bags we ended up with. Found heaps of batteries just strewn around, particularly up on the higher camps.

I spoke with TANAPA and sadly they do not have the resources to manage this well,nor the insight.
How do you think that as climbers we can influence outfits to better manage waste removal on this mountain?
Do we approach our tour providers and ask their policy on rubbish removal (and going the extra mile to also pick up others rubbish)?
Are porters paid enough anyway to care?
Do the providers get together and push the issue with TANAPA?
Rubbish removal in Tanzania is not something that the locals feel a need to be concerned considering the majority live in poverty.
I am curious how others feel about this and how it might be managed.
Can we make a difference given that we are located all around the globe?


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Re: Waste on Kilimanjaro, how to manage the problem?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 5 2006, 17:32 »

hey Roger,

one suggestion would be to have a waste management company set up a presence in Moshi. pay the guides/porters for every kg of waste they bring down from Kili (or even from the rest of Tanzania). that way, company makes $$$ from the waste recyling, and locals get $$$. just something that came to my mind......dont know if any companies out there would consider the idea.

there is a lot of $$$ to be made from waste recycling. that i know.

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