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Author Topic: Whats this Pixel Mountain about?  (Read 4216 times)


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Whats this Pixel Mountain about?
« on: Feb 12 2006, 16:51 »

Next spring (2007) I am going to attempt to reach the roof of the world. The summit of Mount Everest. In doing so and if I acheive it I will have achieved my lifes dream. I have been fascinated and passionate about the worlds highest mountains all my life, and stepping on the summit next spring will be the culmination of a lifetimes persuit. I am 32 now and I have carried this dream for some 20 years. I have climbed to 7,800 metres on other mountains and I am getting myself prepared for the rigours and challenges that Everest will present in a years time.  I know Everest has now been climbed by thousands of people and by every conceivable route, but it is still Everest and it is still my dream. I have to go for it.

I have figured that by attempting to achieve my dream I will try and do some good for those less fortunate than you or I. That is why I have set up my own personal website:


Through this website I hope very much to raise money for three extremely beneficial and very worthy childrens charities. Dreams Come True, The Esther Benjamins Trust & Save the Children. 

On my website I have placed an image of the route on Everest that I will be climbing next spring, the north col/north ridge. I have split the image into 8,850 squares.  I am selling each square  for a 10 ($17) donation to one of my charities. In each space everybody and anybody is allowed to advertise. If you have a website,a myspace account, blog, your favourite website, whatever it may be and you make a 10 donation to one of the three charities through my website then you are given one of these spaces to advertise in.

All proceeds from the sale of these spaces goes directly to the three charities. This is not a get rich scheme. It is a genuine effort in doing some good in this world. I am a realist and I know I am up against it, and I know that not many of you will make a donation, that is unfortunately the world we live in these days. To those of you who do though,  I will be eternally grateful and as a way of showing my deep gratitude to you once the charity receives your donation, and I have added your advert to Everest, I will also send you a commerative postcard to acknowledge your very kind gesture.

Where ever you may be in the world.I hope you can see the good in what I am trying to acheive and I will keep you forever as a friend in my heart if you can help me to help put a smile on a childs face.

If you are running your own trip to everest or any of the 7 summits then you can place a logo in a space on the Pixel Mountain to tell everyone about it. Blogs, websites, your favourite site, anything at all that is relevant. All you need to do is place a 10 ($17.00) donation with one of my charities and tell me where on the mountain you want your logo to be.  10 ($17.00) will secure you one square on the mountain. You are not restricted to just one, you can buy as many as you like. The more you donate the bigger the space you will get to advertise in.

You dont need to be a business to donate. If you are an individual who would like to donate, please please do so. You can still own a square on the Pixel Mountain.

In addition to the above, on top of the Everest Pixel Mountain is a summit flag, you can be featured on the flag for a one off payment of 200($340.00) You will remain on the flag for the life time of the site. As of 11th March 2006 the flag is still available.The flag owner will also feature heavily on the website (Since the site launch in November 05, I have had 22,000 visitors) and will become one of my sponsors. If you wish to own the flag please email me asap. ellis@everest-pixel-dream.com

Please visit www.everest-pixel-dream.com and help me to help put a smile on a kids face.
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Re: The Everest Pixel Dream
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20 2006, 18:29 »

* bump *  8)

Great use of the milion dollar idea! Climbing Everest is 90% mental, so creating stuff like this shows you are well on your way there.

Good luck with filling the mountain, you have my support  :)


"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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