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Author Topic: Advertise on Everest for 4 ($7.00) a space. Please comment on Website.  (Read 4392 times)


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Next spring (2007) I am hopefully going to Everest, possibly with Harry.  In doing so and if I acheive the summit  I will have achieved my lifes dream. As Im sure alot of us on this forum would if we climbed Everest.

I have been fascinated and passionate about the worlds highest mountains all my life, and stepping on the summit next spring will be the culmination of a lifetimes persuit. I am 32 now and I have carried this dream for some 20 years. I have climbed to 7,800 metres on other mountains and I am getting myself prepared for the rigours and challenges that Everest will present in a years time.  I know Everest has now been climbed by thousands of people and by every conceivable route, but it is still Everest and it still stands for the pinnacle of human achievement and it is still mine and a lot of other peoples dream. I have to go for it, just as we all do.

I have set up my own website to allow family, friends & anyone who is interested to follow the attempt:


I value any comments anyoen has about my site.

On my website I have placed an image of the route on Everest that I will be climbing next spring, the north col/north ridge. I have split the image into 8,850 squares.  I am selling each square  for a 4($7). 

If you are running your own trip to everest or any of the 7 summits then you can place a logo in a space on the Pixel Mountain to tell everyone about it. Blogs, websites, your favourite site, anything at all that is relevant. All you need to do is sponsor me for just  a 4 ($7.00) donation and tell me where on the mountain you want your logo to be.  4 ($7.00) will secure you one square on the mountain.

You dont need to be a business to donate. If you are an individual who would like to donate, please please do so. You can still own a square on the Pixel Mountain.

Since the site launch in November 05, I have had 33,000 visitors.

Please visit my site sometime.  www.everest-pixel-dream.com I appreciate any comments.

Many Thanks
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