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Hi Greg

Yes the trips are 100% legal, permits etc and include all land costs and small aircraft flights to Illaga or Boega depending upon the operator you choose.

Sadly some Indonesian operators have chosen to ask highly inflated prices for their trips as they have now had a taste of the "Easy" money so to speak. In turn the big name overseas operators add another US $8000 to these $10K trips already on offer.

Generally most US and foreign operators have been using just the one local outfiter who has onsold his trips.

What has happened historically is that people have been driven to achieve the 7summits and have paid these huge amounts as they had no option. How the heck people have afforded these prices is beyond me. I am a CEO and would never pay these amounts, nor have I ever believed they were justified.

All the best

Recently all trips were canceled due to various reasons. It seems unlikely that the cheap (hiking) trips will take place soon unfortunately.

But we have just announced the expediton end of october:
- 20 October - November 4
- $12,500 from Manado

Yes, others charge $18,000 for that same trip and mostly do not include internal airfare as we do. See the trip page for full details:



Fince Herry:
can you see

info to cartensz........ in expedition MALAYSIA with INDONESIA


hi everybody, i'm Alvin, I'm a newcomers here...
hmmm, actually i just want to know if only way to mount cartenz is easy, i've heard many said that it's permit is very hard and but some other say it's not hard...

Good intentions sometimes don't get turned (quickly enough) into actions... but I'm working on 2013 good intentions and have decided to ptu Aconcagua aside and focus on Carstensz in 2013.

I'm looking to book a seat on an expedition and am considering:
1) which outfit to go with (probably will select a professional local outfit)
2) which route to take (due to the length of time I am thinking of not doing the 3 week long hike in and rather taking a chopper ride to base... or is that a hell to acclimatize? downside as well I see there is that I don't like to rush rush rush - I'd prefer some easy acclimimtzation days first)

Anybody with experience / advice?


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