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Author Topic: Think you are too old to start living healthy? Check Jeanne M. Stawiecki!  (Read 4027 times)


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'The way you think makes all the difference in the world. If you see yourself as a success, you will be.'

Jeanne M. Stawiecki,

Jeanne M. Stawiecki doesn’t want you to think she’s out of the ordinary.

That’s a tall order.

At 56, she has run seven marathons on seven continents in five months, 68 days faster than any woman before. And she finished the last one on Feb. 26 in Antarctica, one of 180 “adventure marathon” runners who raced in 15-degree cold, up a glacier, through mud flats and soaking streams, against 40-knot winds and after two days on a churning Russian research ship. She’s one of 135 men and 41 women to complete the feat of seven marathons on seven continents.

But she’s not done yet. On Monday, she’s heading back to the Himalayas, determined to reach the summit of Mount Everest in May. When she does — and she has no doubt she will succeed — she will have climbed the seven highest mountain peaks on seven continents, from the volcanic ash of Aconcagua in Argentina to the daunting Denali in Alaska.

Going by online lists of “seven continent” marathoners and summit climbers, that will apparently make her the first woman to do both.
(read the full article here)
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

m.c. reinhardt

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Jeanne M. Stawiecki is a remarkable woman...very inspiring! I will think of her when I feel a little tired while climbing Kilimanjaro!!! Thanks for posting this story, Harry.

MC   :)
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