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Author Topic: April 3rd: Bill Tyler: arrived in Lhasa!  (Read 3234 times)


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April 3rd: Bill Tyler: arrived in Lhasa!
« on: Apr 3 2007, 21:22 »

We have arrived in Lhasa. the flight from Kathmandu was seomthing else. The whole of the Himlayas was before us and we flew past Everest with a wonderful view. The flight was short and we arrived at a point about 60Km from Lhasa. Going through immigration was fun. Every ten feet or so it seemed like someone was asking to see my passport, etc. The airport is quite new and very modern.
We were met by a representative of the Tibetian Mountaineering Association and he got us through all of the paperwork. We were on our way!!
The drive was quick. In the past, the road went around several mountains and it was 100Km long. But the Chinese drilled tunnels through the mountains and shortened the ride by 40Km. Yay for that. The roads are paved and it is quite apparent the Chinese are putting alot of money into the area.
So we arrived in Lhasa and went to the hotel. First off, I was really shocked. I had expected to see a Tibetan town, but it is all Chinese now. There are areas where the Tibetians are, but they seem to have been marginalized. We had lunch and then went for a walk. We are at 3700m and one can feel it. I found out where the market was and convinced all to go there, as it is about 15 mins from the hotel.
This is where the Tibetians are!! It was what I though this place would be like. Tons of stalls, and sellers, and all kinds of interesting looking folks. Priests/monks chanting on the streets, people prostrating themselves every body length, then getting up and stepping forward one foot. then prostrating themselves again. This street circles the sacred temple and they do this all the way around. There were people doing the prostrations facing the sacred temple and they kept doing it over and over. Old folks with the most remarkble faces and dress, proud young men and women. I got the feeling that this must have been what it was like for the first explorers in this area (minus the modern way of life, cars, electricity, concrete.)
On a side note. The train that now links Lhasa to Beishing brings in up to 4000 tourist a day. This place is bursting at the seems and buildings are going up all over to accommodate these folks. So the character is changing. So far I gotta say this is one cool place.
Tomorrow we site see the palace and the temples, then we are on the move again.
Stay tuned.
Please check out the website www.7summits.com, as a fellow teammate is also blogging reports which Harry is making available.
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Re: April 3rd: Bill Tyler: arrived in Lhasa!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 4 2007, 05:27 »

Great update, Bill. I am wishing you and the team great success this year. Sounds like you are really getting into the wonderful culture of Tibet; the sights, sounds, culture and people. Enjoy the drive to EBC!

MC  :)
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