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Author Topic: April 4th: Ludmilla & Alex: Team in Lhasa  (Read 3355 times)


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April 4th: Ludmilla & Alex: Team in Lhasa
« on: Apr 5 2007, 21:45 »

Yesterday, April, 3 we have left hospitable Nepal and in one and a half hour we have landed at the airport of Lhasa. Height 3600м, we have felt it at once. On words of Hanna, which was here 14 years ago, the capital of Tibet has transformed beyond recognition. Lhasa now is modern City with wide prospectuses, supermarkets… But if to deviate in lateral narrow streets - as at once you get in completely other world. Here there are old Tibetan small houses painted in five colors with flat roofs, monks and Tibetians in national clothes, in each second court yard- Temple or Buddhist stupas.

Today, since morning we have visited the main relic of Tibet - Potala, a palace of Dalai Lama with its 13 floors and 999 rooms. On the top floor one Chinese woman has felt very badly. The doctor by a trade of Hanna Shields has come to the aid and has rescued her. The altitude is felt, in every room of our hotel there are artificial oxygen.

At this time Alexander Abramov bought yoghurts, beers, milk and - the most important - a tennis table for base camp!!

In the evening we have gone to the Tibetan restaurant with evening show. Show was pleasant unexpectedness: on a stage in dance and with songs was the Tibetan rural life is reproduced in details. Even yaks were on a stage. All this - under monotonous fight of drums. And toward the end all people were united in joint dance around of tables.

While we enjoyed the Tibetan delicacies, Абрамов battled at office China Mobile. Local agents very badly understand English, but all necessary SIM-cards for base camp were bought. Аlex has won!

Tomorrow we leave in Shigatse (3900м). And therefrom we shall go in Shigar. Under the plan to the evening April,8 should reache the base camp.

All greetings!

Korobeshko Lyudmila from Lhasa, Tibet.
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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