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Author Topic: April 7: Bruce Matthews: Xigatse to Xigar  (Read 3438 times)

bruce matthews

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April 7: Bruce Matthews: Xigatse to Xigar
« on: Apr 7 2007, 13:56 »

Yesterday morning we left Xigatse at 10:30 on a fine day that expected to reach 19 degrees c and headed off to Xigar, some 260 kilometers to the sw.

We stopped in Shep Giding for a typical Tibetan lunch of rice with many courses of vegetables and meat...all extremely tasty!

The little village of Shep Giding with an estimated population of around 300, no longer has a pool table in the street. After some of our members had played a few games, Alex bought the table for base camp to go along with the ping pong table!!!We think this will be  a first on either side of the mountain!

After lunch we headed off and negotiated the long pass, name escapes me, that is 4556 meters above sea level We all climbed a furthe 40 meters to the top of a hill off the road.All the members are doing well and this member had his first taste of altitude with a mild head ache that I was able to alleviate by 5 big breaths of air! The map shows that we are now at 67% of sea level availability of Oxygen.

We arrived at our hotel close to Tingri and about 7 kilometers from Xigar at around 4:30..The hotel is appropriately named Qomulangma as we had seen Everest from the top of the pass earlier.

This morning we set off at 10:30 to climb the hill above Xigar...approx gain of 400 meters. This hill with the remains of the Cho-De monastery is called Xong-pot. The route up was exciting and exposed in places with a long scree run off that would be difficult to arrest a slip! The views from the top were well worth it with views of Everest and Cho-Oyo which I had not seen before.

The little town of Xigar is interesting and quaint...the children have learned to say "hello" but unfortunately they add "money"!!! I am sitting in a room of 24 computers with most of the others , the locals, playing computer games or watching movies. An hour here cost the equivalent of NZ$ 2.00 or $US1.40 which is twice the price anywhere else. However, to be able to even do this in this part of the world is amazing!!!

I am now going to have to find sa way back to my hotel, seven kilometers away...it may well be on a mule drawn cart or on the back of a motor cycle...wil have to see when I get  outside!

Base Camp will be set up with E-mail...Alex has this well sorted...so our next post will come from there...we hope to be in Base Camp by tomorrow afternoon.



PS. Harry may well post some pictures of todays's acclimatization climb!
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Re: Xigatse to Xigar
« Reply #1 on: Apr 7 2007, 14:23 »

Hey Bruce!

Well done. Keep it up. We are following your progress with interest from our armchairs. Hamba Gahle!

JB, Me, Phil & Oli  XXXX

m.c. reinhardt

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Re: Xigatse to Xigar
« Reply #2 on: Apr 8 2007, 06:27 »

Great update, Bruce! You guys will have it made at EBC!!! A sauna (like in 2005), a ping pong table and a pool table! And then there will be the luxurious "Tavern on the Col" at the North Col!!! If I didn't know better, I'd say you guys are on a cruise! ;)

Seriously, enjoy the first days at BC and stay safe, climb strong!

MC  :)
"I go to the mountains for there I find higher ground." m.c. reinhardt

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