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Author Topic: April 7: Bill Tyler: Xegar, with pictures  (Read 2856 times)


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April 7: Bill Tyler: Xegar, with pictures
« on: Apr 9 2007, 22:18 »

We are here in Xegar (shegar). We just went up the mountain that I climbed last year and I went the wrong way and things got hairy. But this time I went up the right way. It felt great. The town is to say the least, a step into the past. A small hole in the wall.
My last update was from Lhasa,  and we left there several days ago. We moved to a town call Xigatse (shigetse), where there is a very old monastery where the first Dalia Lama is buried. It was very interesting, and we got a special treat to watch evening prayer session for the monks that lasts 2 hours of chanting. After that, Me and a guy named Arman climbed up the back side of the monastery up to about 4100m for good excercise. But I was glad to move on from there yesterday to here. the hotel was the same as I remember. Cold at night. On the way Alex bought a pool table for basecamp, A POOL TABLE!! I think that is a first for Everest But it broke on the trip. But good try. The road took us over a 5200m pass, where we stopped for a few minutes and took in the sights. We did get to see Everest off in the distance at a point on the road, and she was looking formidable.
Tomorrow we head up to base camp, to settle in and start the actual expedition. this year there are over 30 teams on the north side alone, including a huge Chinese team of 120 summit permits. We all are worried that we will get trapped behind some of these other expeditions and have to turn back becuase they are too slow. But only time will tell.
I am feeling very good, with no altitude effects and the training I did is really showng itself to be a good thing. the team is gelling quite well, with some real characters. All seem to be acclimatizing well. I will let Bruce tell about us, on 7summits.com, as he is a better writer than I!
Tonight I hope to go to a traditional Tibetian house, which is right around the corner from the hotel. It is a resturant actually, but in the traditional way. Should be pretty cool.
Here are some pictures so far......
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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