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Author Topic: April 5/6: 7summits team: Sergey Kofanov from BC  (Read 3757 times)


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Ok, a bit late, but this is what our friend Sergey wrote :)

April, 6. Sergey Kofanov (from base camp):

Since yesterday the weather began to spoil. Since morning the sky was clean, but after dinner all was covered by clouds. All Sherpas declared, that it is an attribute of weather changing. Snow should go in couple of days, in their opinion. We would like, that they were mistaken, snow is not necessary for us. Today we were engaged in installation of the big radio antenna which should provide a radio communication with all our intermediate camps. Also we have transferred electric system of camp to 12 volt.
We wait tomorrow for arrival 30 yaks for transportation of food and equipment to the ABC camp, and also for arrival of main group with Alex Abramov.

April, 5. Sergey Kofanov (from base camp):

For past days we could provide with an electricity a dining tent and club tent, in which towards evening even has earned the TV. All our Sherpas have watched film "Emmanuel" with pleasure. Though it was in Russian .

Today the expedition of Russell Brice has arrived to the Base Camp. His camp stands in the same place where and is usual. But this year a mobile station of cellular communication - in this season cellular telephones work quite confidently and even is accessible EDGE - many expeditions will organize access in internet through it. Today we have taken a walk up to the big camp of the Chinese expedition - the Olympic flag " Peking 2008 " flutters in the centre. This is preparation before 2008 year in which they have promised to bring Olympic fire on top of the Everest. Then we have found a Chinese officer of liaison and have ordered 30 yaks for April, 7 .

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Re: April 5/6: 7summits team: Sergey Kofanov from BC
« Reply #1 on: Apr 12 2007, 05:27 »

Great update, Sergey. Also, nice photo of EBC. I have been following the Chinese expedition in which they will be doing a trail run with the Olympic Torch to the summit! It will be interesting to see if 1. they make it and 2. the torch stays lit! I wish the Chinese expedition, Alex's expedition and all climbers on Everest this season to stay safe and climb strong.

MC  :)
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