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Author Topic: April 9: Bill Tyler: BC in 2007  (Read 6579 times)


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April 9: Bill Tyler: BC in 2007
« on: Apr 11 2007, 00:11 »

Alrighty then!! We are here! The drive up from Xegar was easy peesy. We went over a 5000m pass where you can see a number of 8000m peaks, and the sky was clear as day. Lord it was a beautiful sight. Everest was in all of her glory, a huge snow plume coming of the north ridge. we then drove through Tashi Zum, a small one horse town where some team members went last year to recoup after the last acclimitization hike. then on to the Rong Bok And Base camp.
I remember last year that Everest did not seem so large, but the mountain is huge and dominates the sky. Strange that last year it did not seem like that.  At last we arrived. The camp is in the same spot as last year and I think I am in the same tent. I got to see Doc Andrey and say hello. He was great to us last year. There are not to many expeditions here, the chinese, Nepalese, Russell Brice,  few English teams. The plain is empty.
They also moved tent city down between the monastery and the holy man ( a holy man who lives in some ruins and will bless you if you go see him, etc). Which is nice since it moves the people that much farther away. Last year they were right up to the gate. Also Trekkers are not allowed onto the base camp plain.
I am all settled in and will not do to much for the next few days until we go up to intermediate camp for our first hike up.
So, I m so happy to be here and fell like the climb has now started!
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m.c. reinhardt

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Re: April 9: Bill Tyler: BC in 2007
« Reply #1 on: Apr 12 2007, 05:29 »

Good luck this year, Bill. I wish you success on your dream to summit Everest. Stay safe.

MC  :)
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Re: April 9: Bill Tyler: BC in 2007
« Reply #2 on: Apr 12 2007, 19:39 »

Hi Bill,

hope you will have a great climb this year and as I remembered from last year it was snowing the first 2 days in BC so it wasn't possible to see the size of Everest ;-). Ronnie is in Tingri right now and he will come up within 2 days, so hug each other from me. Please keep on writing whenever you can I like to be there as well.

All the best and say hello to everybody

ps any news about Sergey?
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