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Author Topic: April 12: luda from BC: first trip to IBC, yaks and climbers  (Read 4700 times)


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A lot of events. First, we have gone down from Intermediate camp, having spent a night on 5800м. We all are alive and healthy. Night has passed almost without any problem. Only one of yaks has lain near tent where Sergey Batura was slept. And Sergey was forced to try to get it away all night using a thermos, but at daybreak he has decided, that with yak is even warmer.

Second, when we have gone down in BC, we were met by doctor Andrey Selivanov, guide Sergey Kofanov and Armen Rshtuni. Sergey feels quite normally after his illness.

Third, well-known climbers from Kazakhstan Vasily Pivtsov and Maxud Jumaev came to us on a visit. They already have 10 eightthousanders without oxygen. Now they are going to climb Everest, also without oxygen and very quick (as soon as possible). And in June they already want to leave on К-2.

Fourthly, we have started to mark Day of Astronautics since morning, and then Birthday of our comrade Ilya Gruzdeva. He will gather our team to climb Everest next year. Now a tennis match between Kazakhs and Russians goes in sports tent.
About results - in the following message.

Ludmila Korobeshko from BC, Everest, Tibet, 5200 m
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Nice report and photos. The tablecloths used on the tables in the mess tent at BC are definitely better than the one used in 2005! I believe that one was plaid with pink!  ;)

Wishing them well,
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Message for Hannah Shields

Hi Hannah
Not sure if this is the correct e-mail to get in touch with you but here goes! Hope this finds you well, fit and enjoying ze mountains. Have been reading about your journeys thus far on the 7summits-club.com website. Hope altitude sickness is staying well away from you. We are all missing you fiercely!! Daily enquiries from all at the club, especially Willie, Andy & Gary. Great craic yesterday morning run as usual. Papers have run a few features about you, so ave them kept safe for you.
London marathon this Sunday for Paula and most of Foyle Valley! Doing Vets 10k Track race this weekend at Mary Peters [ God help me!]. Vets awards dinner on May 5th. We'll all be avin a wee toast for you in your absence. Cut your grass yesterday. How's the 'Holy Water' going down?
Take care of your wee self Hannah. Will be in touch soon again [if this e-mail works!!].
Best wishes


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