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Author Topic: 7 Summits - Club Expedition members with photos 2 of 7  (Read 3132 times)

bruce matthews

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Israfil, a good friend of Armen, will be the first person from Azerbaijan to summit Everest and will be honored by his country. He has climbed Mt. Fuji and many mountains in Russia including Peak of Communism a 7900 meter peak.

Hannah Shields, a dentist from Derry in Ireland and is your consummate adventurer. I could not do her justice in the space here so will direct you to Google her and learn of her amazing feats. Suffice to say, that she wisely aborted an attempt in 2003 at the South Col after sitting out a storm for three days. She had lost feeling in her arms to the elbow and decided dentistry without hands was not a good look! Hannah looked after me like a mother during my time on the mountain and without her guidance and help, I may have returned in worse wear!!!

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