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Author Topic: May 4: Luda & Alex: the Story of Maxud & Vasily  (Read 8179 times)


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May, 4 2007 Everest Base Camp from the North, 5200м.

Yesterday to the evening - about 6 p.m. - guys have gone down from АВС – Maxud Jumaev and Vasily Pivtsov !!!! Hurrah !!!! You see, their ascent was uneasy as for them, as for us, who were waiting below !

May, 30 at 6 p.m. (China time) they have established radio connection and have informed, that they are at the top of Everest. After that there were a lot of events. May, 1 at 4.30 a.m. Maxud has informed, that they are in a some tent on 8300 m. Guys did not ask about help, but on a voice it was clear, that they are on a limit. The only thing about they asked, to bring him a gas-stove burner, if our Sherpas will go upward in the morning. It turned out, that they have spent 2 days above 8000 m absolutely without water.

Our Sherpas were in АВС to this moment. Alex Abramov was directed to Russell, but his Sherpas have gone down too. Then Sasha has addressed to Chinese’s Olympic whose Sherpas were most high on that moment - on 7900 m. Chinese’s have advised him to address to Arun Co, it turned out, that Vasily and Мaxud was from this command. Dava, the owner of firm, as soon as has listened in what is business, he has sent 3 Sherpas from the Saddle upward to guys with water, medicines and oxygen. About 10 a.m. Kazakh climbers have decided to begin go downwards to their tent on 7900 m. At lunch time they have gone down on 7900 m, and accommodated for rest in their tent. At this time, Sherpas came, with drink, burner, oxygen was refused – for strict oxygen-free ascent.

To the evening Kazakhs have gone down in АВС, where reporters of channel " Discovery" waited for them. All the next day - May, 2 - guys had a rest, sleep and then, May, 3 they have gone down in the base camp.

Today, May, 4, early in the morning, all team of expedition of 7 Summits Club – Alpindustria has gone in Zhangmu for rest. At the same time, we take with us Маxud and Vasily to the border of Nepal. Tomorrow they will be already in Katmandu. And in one month later to start for К2. With all the heart we wish good luck them !

Our team plan to return to base camp on May, 8 and through the pair - three of days to leave on an ascent.

Lyudmila Korobeshko from БЛ the Everest, Tibet, 5200
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Re: May 4: Luda & Alex: teh Storu of Maxud & Vasily
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Tough guys!!! Amazing story. Congrats to Maxud and Vasily on their Everest summit w/out oxygen. And big time congrats for their 11th 8000m peak!!! Wishing them success on K-2.

MC  :)

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