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Author Topic: May 6: Bill Tyler: Russian party in Zhangmu, soon back to BC  (Read 6084 times)


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Bill: We have been in Zhangmu or several days now. We arrived 3 days ago after an 11hr journey. The 2hr stretch from Neylam to Zhangmu is under serious construction the whole way which really slowed us down. But it was great to get out of the bus here in the thick air of this altitude.
We stayed the night in what I can only describe as the worst hotel outside Neylam. It is a hole. We immediately started looking for other accomodations. After a very restfull night, we said goodbye to Aundry and the Kazicstans (the first to summit this year) and made the move to what is the newest and nicest hotel here. Oh man what a difference it makes. So nice!!
The next day we were told by the russians to be ready to hike some. It was guide Sergeys birthday, and they had a special treat planned. They spent the morning buying up all of the needed items and we hiked to the edge of town into the forest to cook up traditional russian stew called oo-ha, of fish soup.
In life there are moments one remembers all of thier days and this will be one of them. It was awesome to feel miles away from anyone (we were isolated from the town and noise, and cooking the stew and just having fun. They cooked under the protection of a large rock, and once it was done we moved next to a large brook with waterfalls, etc. to eat. (it was flatter there and we could all sit around the fire). We spent the day eating the fish and drivking and talking and sleeping. It was heaven. We headed back in the evening when the sun was setting and then met up for a late dinner and had Yak momos (like potstickers with Yak). Again it was alot of fun.
Today is seting out to be nothing much. I will walk some to see if there is anything I might want to buy and then wait for tomorrow. We leave at 730am for the ride back to BC. Looking forward to getting there and getting ready for the final assault on the mountain.
My cough is gone and my lips are about 75% healed. I should heal up at BC. I have been eating like a horse here and feel really strong. So lets pray that I can figure out the foot issue.
I will know in BC what team I am on and approx when I will be heading for summit.
Stay tuned......
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Hi Bill,

really nice to read that all of you have such a great time over there. It is easy to visualize all the moments you ar eating, drinking and having fun together.
Also great to hear that you are ready to go back to BC and start with the summit attempt. Stay in health, keep drinking and just don't cough anymore ;-).

Good luck up there and I'll keep on watching this space for all the stories above NC. All the best.

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