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Author Topic: May 10: Bill Tyler: getting ready for the summit attempt, 17 Chinese summit!  (Read 5038 times)


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Just a quick note.
We are on day 3 after our return from Zhangmu. he drive here went really fast it seemed, it took 7 hours. But it was good to be back here. I am treating that trip as a break in the action and now am on a new expedition. All that is left is the summit push.
The days pass fast here. we are on a scehdule for food. 10 am breakfast, 2 lunch, 730 dinner. So that really makes the days fly by.
Yesterday we had a big party for Russian holiday, the defeat of Germany in WW2. A russian biker club travelling through Tibet came by, along with Russell Brice and Jamie Mcginness and the head of the Arun Trekkking agency. We had a blast. Everyone got loose and relaxed and just had fun.
Today is a rest day, then I believe we head up to ABC tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be really bad but the chinese summitted 17 yesterday and the mountain looks perfect to summit this morning, so I am sure many more will be up there in the next few days. That is good news because I do not want to spend a week at abc waiting for weather! I am ready to get going and get this mountian done. 2 months away is too much I think.
So I will not be able to email and will give Barbi updates via sat phone as to what is going on.
Summit attempt is coming.......
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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