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Author Topic: May 15th: ALex Abramov: many summits, 7summits team summit push soon!  (Read 4931 times)


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May, 15 2007 АВС Camp, Everest from the North, 6400м.

Today May, 15. A fourth day we are in АВС waiting for a start of climb upward. 12-th and May, 13-th a lot of climbers has left АВС for an ascent. Today the first groups reached the top. Since morning, even to the naked eye, it was possible to see on a snow triangle under the top tens people going upwards and downwards. On hearings, today from 150 up to 200 person has left on storm. At noon we could see, that under the summit some resque operation have begun. It it is no wonder when it is so many climbers. By the way, the younger sister of our sirdar Mingma Gelu has summited Everest. She was the youngest person in 15 years climbed Everest in 2003. According Mingma, she has reached the summit one of the first, at 5 a.m. climbing alone. And she saw two climbers which, having reached the top from the North, have begun descent to the South. .

We are waiting., when this first wave will subside. Now there are pproblems with free places on 8300 meters. Probably, tomorrow, our first group will leave for camp of 7000 m and for the further ascent. And next day the second group will start. Under the plan the first group will leave for the summmit bid from the camp for 8300 m on May 19, and the second group - on May, 20. Under the forecast that is available here, on May 19 and 20 the wind will decrease and it should be clear.

The first group:
- Hannah Shields
- Curt Myers
- Dirk Feige
- Israfil Ashurly
- Maxim Shakirov
- Sergey Kofanov (guide)
- Sergey Larin (guide)
And also 6 Sherpas.

The second group:
- Bill Tyler
- Sergey Batura
- Andrey Ivanov
- Sergey Dashkevich
- Lyudmila Korobeshko
- Alexander Abramov (guide and expedition leader)
- Alexander Bichenko (guide)
And 6 Sherpas.

Yesterday we have risen up to a stock of equipment, after dinner we have checked up masks, a reducer, have fulfilled tactics of movement in groups and the charge of oxygen on mountain. Tomorrow - up in a way. We shall try to send you information during the climb.

With best regards,

Lyudmila Korobeshko and Alexander Abramov from АВС the Everest, Tibet, 6400м.
"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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