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Author Topic: Mount Everest Expedition mit Guide Kari Kobler  (Read 53764 times)


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Mount Everest Expedition mit Guide Kari Kobler
« on: Jun 17 2007, 04:15 »

In spring 2007, I attended a guided mountaineering tour by Kari 
Kobler/Switzerland to Mt. Everest from the Chinese Tibet side, which 
made me think more and more critical about the relationship of 
reliability, quality, safety, and costs of tour guides and the 
mountaineering companies on Mt. Everest.

My personal conclusion is that in case I came back to Everest I would
  NOT choose Kobler & Partner mountaineering company again! The
reasons  are as follows:

- When members of the expedition became sick in base camp Kari Kobler
  would not stay with us for a few days for recovery but would 
recklessly push up to ABC and even demand every member to go to 
higher altitude. Time was not an issue at this early phase of the 

- Acclimatizing slower than other group members Kari Kobler would 
request me going up to higher altitude instead of going down for a 
few days. In my opinion this was a major cause for problems which 
could have put myself into high risk.

- Pushing himself for his third personal attempt to reach the summit 
and pushing another Swiss lady to her final summit attempt, he would 
use all of the available summit sherpas. Expecting his further 
clients getting ready for summit a week later or so this appeared 
unacceptable, disappointing, reckless and egocentric to me: Kari 
Kobler accepting the risk that his clients would have to deal with 
"burned" sherpas -  sherpas required to summit a second time while 
being tired. Kari Kobler risking the safety of his clients was 
irresponsible, might even have caused the death of clients, and 
significantly limited the chances to reach the summit. As a matter of
  fact I even have paid an extra fee for a summit sherpa. However,
all  experienced sherpas have been used by Kari Kobler himself!


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