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Author Topic: Kilimanjaro via Shira Route  (Read 13202 times)


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Kilimanjaro via Shira Route
« on: Jun 26 2007, 17:46 »

Kilimanjaro via Shira Route

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in August 2005. I summited at 0531h on August 21st with a full moon and a beautiful rising sun. I choose the Shira route.
It was a quite eventful journey: it started with a car that got stuck in a big hole in the road and it ended with an harassment from one of the porters.

We started walking after the car broke down 1 km from the Londrossi Gate direction Mto wa Simba campsite. We arrived late in the evening (it was already dark) after a long and unforeseen walk/climb. After a short night we started heading towards the Shira hut (3840m) passed the Lava tower trail (which I will do the next time!) and continued to the Barranco campsite. This was a very hard walk: rain, snow and wind with very slippery rocks/trails. We arrived at the Barranco campsite in the afternoon and the sun showed herself again what made the day worth while because we had a nice view on Kibo South, south-west side.

Next morning we took the Barranco wall and on top we immediately went “dark” again: clouds, fog, rain, snow. This was our worst day on the mountain. It stopped raining during the night at the Karanga river campsite. When we woke up in the morning we had a very beautiful view on Kilimanjaro. The sun was shining, it was nice and warm when we start walking again in the direction of the Barafu campsite. That day the weather stayed ok. We arrived at Barafu around noon where I did some small trips around the campsite. The guide got sick and one of his assistants was going to guide us to the top.
We went to bed after diner and were woken just before midnight.

Then the long walk to the top started. Once we got clear of the Mawenzi - Kibo rim a strong northern wind hit us hard and the temperature plummeted to -20°C. The wind was hard but the fact that it picked up the dust/sand from the crater was even harder. I found sand everywhere on my body, even inside my camera (Canon EOS 300D) and I didn’t change the lens! At 0450h we arrived at the crater entrance were we rested, sheltered from the wind for about 5 minutes, then we continued towards the top and I summited at 0531h!

During this last climb, the full moon lit up the whole mountain and seeing the sun coming up at the same time (as of 0330h) was a beautiful and exhilarating sight, I just forgot the cold and the wind and the sand when I saw this spectacle.

Going down was fun! The sun was shining and I just “glided” down, like I was snowboarding. I arrived at Barafu in my t-shirt around 1030h. We ate, broke up camp around noon and started our way down to the Mweka campsite. We arrived around 1700h. In the evening one of the porters started to harass us (apparently he smoked some dope) and he got aggressive. It came to a short fight (some fists were exchanged) and we never saw him again afterwards. That was a crappy way to end a nice climb.

Next morning we left camp at 0700h and arrived at the gate around 0900h. I got my certificate and we were in the hotel (Moshi) around noon.

Btw: this climb was not with 7Summits. Next time it will!

Next climbing trip is Elbrus: 2008!

Filip "Corre" Corbeel
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Re: Kilimanjaro via Shira Route
« Reply #1 on: Jun 26 2007, 18:31 »

Hi Corre, congratulations on your summit!  8)

Thanks for your report and the heads up for 7summits; Sorry to hear about the porter. Seems you had a pretty quick trip, the sunrise with the full moon will have been amazing. More pix are welcome  :laugh:

"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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