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Author Topic: New Carstensz book about Historic expeditions  (Read 6429 times)

steven vink

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New Carstensz book about Historic expeditions
« on: Jan 31 2002, 17:14 »

amsterdam, the netherlands

A new publication has been published about climbing the Carstensz and other mountains in Papua (former Dutch New Guinea and Irian Jaya). Chris Ballard, Steven Vink, Anton Ploeg. Race to the Snow.
Photography and the exploration of Dutch New Guinea, 1907-1936. KIT Publishers Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2001. ISBN 90 6832 511 6 NUGI 646/672

The exhibition of the photographs in the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam will last till 13th January 2002. Information about the publication: publishers@kit.nl

This publication assembles, for the first time, a selection of photographs from Dutch and British expeditions to South New Guinea between 1907 and 1936. When a 17th century report of snow covered mountains in the interior of the tropical island of New Guinea was confirmed, Dutch and British expeditions were launched in the beginning of the 20th century in a race to reach the snow first. The success, heartbrake and tragedy of these different expeditions is described,and illustrated with photographs of the expeditions, the mountains and the Papuan people that they encountered.

The expeditions: Two Lorentz expeditions 1907 and 1909/10 with reaching the snow of Wilhelmina peak. Franssen Herderschee expedition 1912/13 with reaching the top of the Wilhelmina Peak for the first time.

The BOU expedition of the British Ornithologists' Union 1910/1911 trying to reach the Carstensz mountains.

The Wollaston expedition 1912/13 with reaching the snow of the Carstensz peak for the first time.

The Colijn expedition 1936 with reaching some of the peaks of the Cartensz, the Ngga Pulu which was in that time the highest peak.
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