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Sherpa Children's school fund


Many of our clients and other friends get inspired by the wonderful people living close to the 7 summits and want to give something back. This just came in from Kevin and Lisa Moore:

"Sherpa ChildrensSchool Fund

To Benefit directly the children of our Sherpa friends inNepal!
Dear Family and Friends,

 As most of you know, I attempted to climb Mt.Everest in the spring of 2006. Although I did not summit, it was a fantastic experience and the trip of a lifetime (so far!). While on that expedition, our team made an acclimatization hike in the Khumbu region ofNepaland were blessed with being able to meet the families of our Sherpa guides.

We as a team were so impressed with one young lad, Ang Thukten Sherpa, the son of experienced mountaineer Wang Chhuk Sherpa, that we offered to fund an education for him at a boarding school in Nepals capital city Kathmandu. That was two years ago. He has been in school ever since and is doing great! Since then, the opportunity arose to help another Sherpa boy that I had met while in Nepal.
Lisa and I decided to help sponsor him as well. His name is Dawa Jangbu and he is around thirteen years old. It costs around $2,000.USfor one years tuition, room and board, uniform and misc. Dawa has been in school for one year now and is HUGELY APPRECIATIVE of our efforts to help him get an education. We feel great about doing this, especially since the dollar goes such a long way towards helping these kids in a powerful, lasting way.

Now, the reason I am writing to you all is because Dawas father, Chewang, also has a daughter by the name of Lhakpa Yengi. She just wrote us a letter and expressed a fervent desire to advance her education out of theKhumbuValleyby also attending a boarding school inKathmandu. She isaround fifteen years old and wants to become a nurse or doctor in order to return home and fill the huge need for medical services in the villages of theKhumbuValley. Currently she has to hike two hours round trip each day to attend the small school that is closest to her home in thevillageofGhat. I told her father, Chewang, that I would do what I can to help out, but I cant afford to put both Dawa and Lhakpa through school on my own.

And so here I am, pecking out this email to you (I cant type). Would you like to help out? I am not asking for one big, fat wad of money, since it is approximately $2,000.US dollars per year. Anything you can spare would be great, and I guarantee that ALL the money goes to Lhakpa (less the $50 dollar international wire transfer fee from the U.S. bank to the schools bank account inNepal).

If you would like to help out, here is the address of the bank account that our Everest Team set up to fund the education of the first boy, Ang Thukten:

Sherpa Childrens Fund
c/o Coast National Bank
898 Morro Bay Blvd.
Morro Bay,CA93442
The account number is 103304938.

Please designate if you want the gift you send to go to Lhakpa (the girl), or Thukten (the boy). Sorry, but I cant give you a tax deductible receipt as our Sherpa Childrens fund is not a government recognized official tax exempt organization - this is guerilla giving. I can, however, give you the assurance that you are not paying for any organizational overhead ( I futz with this in my spare time), and the money is wire transferred DIRECTLY into the schools bank account and NOT into the personal hands of the families we are helping out. This system has worked great so far, and engenders the best level of trust and confidence that I can provide.

So what do you say - are you in?


Kevin and Lisa Moore
457 Bernardo Ave.
Morro Bay,CA93442
Ph. (805) 772-3400

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think might be interested.


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