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Author Topic: Highs and lows  (Read 6757 times)


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Highs and lows
« on: Apr 22 2009, 15:12 »

Ok so here's a question:

I would be really interested in hearing what highs and lows everyone has experienced from doing/attempting the 7 summits ??

Mine (if anyone is interested) have been:

Low - Admitting to myself that I had to turn back on Aconcagua at camp two due to a chest infection.  This was exacerbated by the fact that the rest of team summitted.

High - Summitting Denali after attempting Aconcagua.



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Re: Highs and lows
« Reply #1 on: Apr 23 2009, 18:19 »

Lows - the bottom?  ;D
HIghs - the tops?  :angel:

Heh heh - I dunno. Is suppose one combined low & high was on Elbrus in 2005 when I had planned to do the subsidiary peak as well but had to offer my assistance to a group when one of them collapsed with exhaustion at the top. We got him down to the saddle with great effort and then we had to drag him on a rope down to Pashtukov Rocks because he could barely stand.   I suppose the high was that he survived...

I really wanted to see the other summit though... Oh well, I could use it to acclimatize if I go back to climb the likes of Donguzorun, Nakra Tau and maybe some more peaks in a few years
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