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Author Topic: Reinhold Messner-Greatest Mountaineer?  (Read 10724 times)


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Reinhold Messner-Greatest Mountaineer?
« on: Jun 21 2003, 23:42 »

I like to know if Reinhold Messner of Italy considered Best and Greatest Mountaineer in history. He was first human to peak 14 tallest mountains and first to climb Mt. Everest without the use of oxygen tank and the first to do a solo hike up to Mt. Everest and first to climb highest top peaks of each continent.  I'm from United States of America and like to know who are the top ten best mountaineers in history.  


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Re:Reinhold Messner-Greatest Mountaineer?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16 2003, 20:47 »

Hello Alvin,
It's hard to say objectively who's the greatest, but in my list Messner is at least in the top3, not in the least place as he is still alive!  8)
But there are many climbers, both known and unknown who have climbed amazing things. How about Doug Scott or Herman Buhl? Or Heinrch Harrer and Lynn Hill? Jerzy Kukuczka maybe?
If you and others post some names to nominate here I will ccreate a poll so you can vote for it   :)
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Re:Reinhold Messner-Greatest Mountaineer?
« Reply #2 on: Aug 26 2003, 17:18 »

And who is considered a good/best mountaineer?
He who climbes grade 5.14/8c or climbes exterme altitudes without oxigen. The one who climbes rock or ice or even mixed? The one who doe s everything combined or mkes 2 very hard world class ascents or maybe 20?

some names to add
George Mallory
L terray
jeff & Alex Lowe
Mark twight
Thomas Huber
Hans v/d Meulen
Ron Doorakkers ;-)


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Re:Reinhold Messner-Greatest Mountaineer?
« Reply #3 on: Oct 16 2003, 04:21 »

i agree that reinhold is the greatest mountaineer, he is the only one to succesfully summit everest solo without o2.
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