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Author Topic: Info on Summits  (Read 6781 times)


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Info on Summits
« on: Apr 6 2003, 11:24 »

Just wondering if all climbers are guided on the Mountains, or do some try with there own groups? What are some of the average, expected, prices to pay for an ascent of the Summits,? say start with Kilamanjaro? New to the Summits and had a few questions. Any info is appreciated, Thanks


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Re:Info on Summits
« Reply #1 on: Apr 7 2003, 15:32 »

Hi Canadianman (or Bruce  8) )
I think I will transfer this to the FAQ as similar questions are being asked quite often.
This is a list of average ground costs per summit, and an (estimated) percentage of guides vs unguided climbers; note that the prices can differ quite a bit...  ;)

  • Kilimanjaro:

Costs: $1000- $4000. Just compare the 7summits.com trips on this site with any of the 'well-known' US companies: exactly the same trip, but they charge 3 or 4 times as much.

Guided: over 95%. Technically it is possible to go unguided, but this costs more time/money than taking porters and guides. Only very specialized groups (mostly iceclimbers) do this.

  • Elbrus

Costs: $800-3000. Exactly the same story as Kilimanjaro.

Guided: about 50%, but most of the unguided climbers are Russian or others that know the mountain as it can be a dangerous place with white outs etc (see also the FAQ about the dangers of each of the 7 summits.)

  • Aconcagua

Costs: $1800- $4000. Again: shop around. Group size usually influences the price here.

Guided: probably about 40-60% (estimate). You will not save much if you account for the time spent on organizing the climb itself in a country like Argentina.

  • Denali:

Costs: Most of the costs will be gear (extreme sleeping bags, tents etc), food/fuel and the flights to Anchorage/Denali. So depending on what you already have you can climb denali for as little as $1000 if you are self supporting and competent. The 'official guides' have made price arrangements so all guided climbs cost roughly the same: between $4000 & $5000. Check carefully what's included if you want to use one of them(permit, glacier flight etc).

Guided: from the official 2002 statistics (PDF file):
Guided clients accounted for 20% of climbers on Mt. McKinley. Guided expeditions as a whole (including clients and guides) accounted for 31% of Denali mountaineers.

  • Vinson:

Costs: There is a monopoly, all climbs currently cost $26000, however 7summits.com got a small discount and charges $25000 (exactly the same trip!)

Guided: there is no price difference, so most people use the ANI guides.

  • Carstensz Pyramid

Costs: Depending on the route available. Between $3000 & $6000 (excluding internal flight from Jakarta: $700). Last 7summits.com price was $5200 + flight, note that some other companies resell this same trip for up to $10,000...
Costs are higher nowadays due to the needed use of helicopters to fly in and out of the area as the trekking trails are mostly closed.

Guided: almost all are guided. It is impossible to get permits yourselves as you need permissions from numerous governmental instituations, the army, police etc. There is no discount for using all these service (transport, permits) and not the food/guides, so most people go guided unless they want to open up new routes.

  • Everest

Costs: from $7000- $70,000  :o
$7000 will get you a permit and transportation up to ABC on the Tibethan side (no food, sherpas, oxygen, gear), you can pay up to 10 times as much if you go with one of the big names fully supported on the South col route ('normal route'). Permits for the normal route are $10,000 each, for Tibethan route less than half of that. Normal prices for fully inclusive expeditions are therefore around $35000-$40000 (normal route) and $15000- $25000 (Tibethan route). Prices vary enormously due to needed western guides, oxygen etc.

Guided: Most mixed teams are guided, most unguided teams are national teams (and these often have some guides in their midst as well) or very experienced climbers on new routes.

So climbing the 7summits can cost you anything from $40,000 - $125,000 (ground costs, so excluding airfares, personal gear etc) depending on your experience and wishes...

Hope this gives you a general idea, good luck and let us know if you want to book a 7summits.com trip!
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Re:Info on Summits
« Reply #2 on: Apr 7 2003, 22:48 »

Thanks for the speedy info. I really appreciate it. Thinking of tackling Kilimanjaro first, within the next year. Will compare prices with the 7 summits quotes. Thanks again.


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Re:Info on Summits
« Reply #3 on: Oct 17 2003, 04:35 »

i looked up the average price for Everest.

Guided: $45000
Unguided: 30000
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