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Author Topic: Skiing the 7 summits  (Read 10447 times)

Tomas Ryberg

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Skiing the 7 summits
« on: May 6 2003, 20:23 »

I wounder which time of year and which routes should be considered for skiing of Aconcagoa and Denali? The route should off course be used during ascent and should not be steeper than 45-50 degrees.  

Any suggestions? Anyone with experience of doing thease with skiis?


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Re:Skiing the 7 summits
« Reply #1 on: May 8 2003, 00:28 »

Hello Tomas, the answers are quite simple:
-Denali has been skied down most routes, but it should be done in normal climbing season (late april-July). Most ineresing runs will be the Messner couloir, Orient express or (if you want the longest run ever): try the north face!
Note that you will need skis (or snowshoes) to get to these routes in the first place.

-Aconcagua is not really skiable. You can ski down the Polish Glacier, again in normal climbing season (Nov- Feb), but it is usually quite icy.
Even though snow can fall all year long on the slopes, it either melts or gets blown away, so there are no other skiing opportunities.

Hope this helps,

best regards,

The 7summits team
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Re:Skiing the 7 summits
« Reply #2 on: Jan 20 2004, 22:03 »

Is it true that Muztag Ata in China (7546 meters) is the highest summit  in the world that is possible to reach by using only ski both descent and ascent? ??? I know that Elbrus is possible with ski, but what with the other continents?, the seven "skiable summits" ::)    
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Re:Skiing the 7 summits
« Reply #3 on: Jan 21 2004, 07:19 »

technically, you COULD reach any summit with skis and descent with skis also.


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Re:Skiing the 7 summits
« Reply #4 on: Jan 21 2004, 13:47 »

Rock skiing ;D


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Re:Skiing the 7 summits
« Reply #5 on: Jan 22 2004, 09:03 »

ouch!  :P :P
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