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Author Topic: Bye bye & good luck... Ron on Everest!  (Read 44112 times)


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Re: Bye bye & good luck... Ron on Everest!
« Reply #20 on: May 25 2004, 05:00 »

Sorry, I was indeed reffering  to the guy who lifted the rope. Various reports say that he was Bulgarian, but his identity is not confirmed. As far as I understand, the Bulgarians were on the mountain indeed on the the 9th, building their high camps. I am really sorry for all the tragedies. Glad that Ron is ok. I am also sorry for the tasteless remark above.


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Re: Bye bye & good luck... Ron on Everest!
« Reply #21 on: Jun 9 2004, 12:47 »

Hey people im back,

To make the bulgarian thing clear..it was a bulgarian female climber who lifted the rope. I met her before and was thinking she was an amateur and should not be on the mountain. (walking between BC and ABC without a backback and without water, instead cursing on a sherpa who was walking ahead carrying her stuff. She complained to me about it and i told her she was not smart to be there without food , water and some extra clothes)
Later on she went up ascending and she was very,very slow and every1 told her to turn around and go down. That it was no use and dangerous. She still went on and died.

Sad for her and her friends and family....but proof that amateurs do not belong on everest.

The fall was some 125 meters and i tried to self arrest but the snow/ice was to hard. I was breaking some but let go of my poles when i saw the rope so i had 2 hands free to catch it. Finaly i could break in the rocks only 5 meters from the 400 meter drop to rongbuk glacier. Only by my experiance i could stop myself. As an experianced climber im very annoyed about this simple accident. A stupid coming together of several smal circumstances that let me be on the wrong spot at the wrong moment.

Maybe i'll try again sometime...the mountain is still there and always will. Then again..it is just a mountain and nothing to get killed for....
For next year.....ill probably go skiing in the Alps   ;) (A LOT) and a lot of technical ice climbing. ;D

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