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Author Topic: Everest is highest summit again! Chartered flights to Pakistan canceled  (Read 6062 times)


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Well, it seems that many hundreds of people fell for our April fools joke  :)
As you can read in this thread there was sudden news from the Nasa about K2 being higher than Everest.
(For those of you not familiar with the concept of "April Fools", the making of (practical) jokes on April 1, check out this page for historic background and a top 100 of April fools jokes.)

We sent out a special newsletter and changed our homepage (screenhot), replacing Everest with K2 in our menu and picture overview of the seven summits and even added a K2 page...
Our friends over at Mounteverest.net enjoyed it so much, they expanded on the joke and made this article headline news (screenshot) adding more fuel to the fire. (They also admitted the joint prank in this article.)
Google always indexes them as news source very quickly and when searching for Everest news our story came up first (screenshot) and so I received a news alert for Everest a few hours later referring to my own April fools Joke!  :D

Also we noticed that this weblog (screenshot) had posted the news on page1 as well, if you know of any other places our joke turned up, let us know!

The article was viewed more than 700 times with up to 43 people reading it simultaneously(this made a nice stresstest of our newly installed version of the forum and the google targeted ads (see top of this page), both worked flawlessly!). We got many nice reactions, many people saw right through it, for some it took a while longer, even some well-known people:

Everest Peace climb organizer Lance Trumbull:
Hey Harry!
You bastard! 
I read your article online and my heart sank for a few minutes…I thought damn---Now I gotta do the K2 Peace Project!

That is until I looked on my calendar! April 1st!  Very funny!

I hope all is well,

Cancer survivor & Everest climber Sean Swarner fell for it:
you really think K2 is higher than Everest?  i don't.. not at all
When I asked him what day it was he replied:
hahahahahahahahahahahaah.... you got me.   i JUST clicked on the link you sent me a while ago and i was thinking, "no way.  Everest is at least 750 feet higher than K2"  ahahah
you bastard!!!

Even famous mountain Statician Eberhard Jurgalski (we handle the 7summits statistics together) was not completely sure:
Hi Harry!
I think, U made a very good April Fools joke today,no?
If not so, please give me the correct source for your possible "breaking news"... Well, yes, I always thought, it's possible, but then Kangchenjunga should be remeasured as well.

Thanks for all your other comments as well, I am glad to see the climbing community is not just about ticking-off lists, lawyers and serious stuff only 
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"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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