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Author Topic: Nearly Kilimanjaro  (Read 4650 times)


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Nearly Kilimanjaro
« on: May 10 2004, 22:06 »

You often hear about people who does`nt get all the way to Uhuru Peak because they are to tired and therefor go home without summiting. Is it not possible to have a second try a few days later? I mean to stay on the mountain and become more acclimatisert and then go for the summit one more time? Or is this immpossible because of the guiding system?
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Re: Nearly Kilimanjaro
« Reply #1 on: May 10 2004, 22:24 »

Hi Andreas,
this is mainly because of 2 reasons:
- the park authorities only give permits for fixed periods, so if you pay a permit for 5 days, you should be off the mountain 5 days later. Of course the guide, porters and cook also count on that period with regards to hut reservations, available food etc.
- most people do not calculate enough time on the mountain, mostly of financial reasons.

Even though most people know that 5 or 6 days is just not long enough to properly acclimatize, they still book short trips as the trips are paid by the day. About half of the costs of a trip (well, our trips [/url] at least, some others just charge 3 times the amount) is park fees, the rest if for porters, guides, food etc, so any day longer on the mountain costs extra.

But this should never keep you from taking at least 7 days on the mountain as I always tell my clients and everybody agrees. Why spent thousands of dollars on air tickets and an expedition just to save 250 dollars and have no opportunity to actually make it and risk your life in the process? Even if they make it in 5 days, they will be drugged and have no recollection afterwards. I do not understand that.

Kilimanjaro is so nice, just take your time to enjoy it and to be able to actually summit! You could just book a 8 or 9 day trip and if you feel good you might try to summit on day 6. If that doesn't work out you can try again on day 8 just like on any other mountain. If you summit sooner than planned, than you paid too much, so what!
But you will have to arrange the longer period before departure for the reasons mentioned above.


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