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Author Topic: More mountaineers' summit claims are being questioned. When does it count?  (Read 10617 times)


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This is a new poll about a current issue in modern mountaineering:
Possible answers:
- A mountaineers word should be more than enough to believe him.
- You need a picture to be believed.
- You need an independent witness (not a paid sherpa or teammember).
- There is no definite proof!
- You should leave something recognizable on the summit
- Dunno...
The old mountaineering code says that a mountaineers word is enough. But nowadays sponsor and other financial interests might make it interesting to "fake" a summit.

Is a picture enough? The first 'summit picture' of denali was fake... and how about photoshop?
Is a witness enough? What if the witness is a sherpa who's so commited to you that he only wants to say what he thinks is best for you?

Should there be a referee on each summit? Should you leave something behind? That can blow off..

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments here!
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a mountaineers word SHOULD be more than enough, unfortunately our world is being more polluted with liars and not TRUE mountaineers that climb for the thrill rather the the FAKE ones who climb for the fame or money, so i say that the only way is to have a government issued climber to accompany you along on your expedition, much like a liason officer, except that he should summit WITH you


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For all those who voted for "you need a picture to be believed" three questions:

1. how many times have you been on a summit?
2. have you had always good weather? if yes, you're lucky guys
3. theoretically: would you climb K2 twice, if the weather destroys your first summit-picture?

here's an example for you: three weeks ago I've been standing on the summit of elbrus, above the clouds, blue sky. a few days before a group has been on summit, but there was snow and only a few metres sight. they have taken summit-pictures with people standing in the grey, it could have been taken anywhere. imagine it was you instead of them. so what about your "picture-evidence"? ;)

think about it


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i think that most "big" or "famous" mountains should have a summit sign at the top, much like kilimanjaro. then the person would have to get the sign in their picture. only problem with this is if somebody copies the sign. solution: it should be a sign with a very complicated design on it that would be hard to be forged.

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