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Author Topic: New board: Sponsors needed and offered!  (Read 17043 times)


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New board: Sponsors needed and offered!
« on: May 20 2004, 16:44 »

As you can see on this topic a request was made for a sponsor forum, so here it is!

What can you do here?

* If you are looking for sponsors:
- tell us about your plans
- what kind of sponsoring do you need?
- what do you have to offer in return?
- How to reach you (sign up as a member for the forum, then your email address is only accessible for members, saves you from spam)

* If you work for a company that can sponsor, let us know:
- What kind of exposure are you looking for?
- What plans are you most likely to sponsor?
- What can you offer (gear, discounts, money etc)

Looking forward to create some good relationships here!
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Re: New board: Sponsors needed ....
« Reply #1 on: Apr 30 2005, 11:21 »

My name is Enrique , Im planning to climb the 7 summits,I will be the first person from

Puerto Rico to conquest all 7 summits.The last 5 years I been training for this, climbing
various peak around Us and Himalayas.I need all the information posible in  sponsorship

 opportunnities(sponsor sample letters).I will appreciate all your help and maybe you will

be part of the team if you interested.

Thank you,


dale abenojar

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Re: New board: Sponsors needed and offered!
« Reply #2 on: May 14 2005, 22:22 »

Dear sponsors,

Greetings from the Philippines. I am a licensed mountain guide in my country since 1989. I am very fit and a strong climber as well.

I wish to be the "1st Filipino atop Everest with the 7Summits team." I will share success with 85million Filipinos through my tri-media sponsors day-by-day. I can give back 300% tri-media exposure in the Philippines anf its intnl cable affiliates in return for sponsorship.

I am set for the 2006 Everest ascent with the permission of 7ummits team.

Thank you.

Dale Abenojar


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Re: New board: Sponsors needed and offered!
« Reply #3 on: Mar 17 2008, 21:39 »

I am a 43yr old former Army Ranger who has never climbed anything higher than my ex , but I have thrown my hat into the ring and now I am ready to begin the journey into the climbing arena. I have kayaked, cycled and parachuted my way to boredom so now I am on to bigger and better things, If anyone has advice ....  i.e. Should I go to an alpine climbing school , what mountain should I attempt first , how to get some sponsorship to defer the cost... As a veteran of the U.S. Army I should be able to catch some break's or at least some good info ....Thank you in advance for your help. Taere  RLTW !!!!! HOOO WAAAHHH!!!!!!!
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