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Author Topic: The first Norwegian female ever on top of Mt. Everest  (Read 4575 times)


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Randi Skaug summited Mt. Everest today!
Read more on http://www.skaug.cc/everest2004/eng/news.html

It was a close race due to that another norwegian female Cecilie Skog also are on the mountain expecting to make a try for the top any time.
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Re: The first Norwegian female ever on top of Mt. Everest
« Reply #1 on: May 24 2004, 04:28 »

Well, #2 made it as well! Cecilie Skog (now back in Camp 1) summited with the HImex team on 23rd may.

Congratulations to her and the other summiteers:

Cecilie Skog (Camp 1)
Julian Haszard (Camp 1)
Dale Darling (Camp 3)
Harry Reeves (Camp 3)
Shokichi Saito (Camp 3)
Toshiko Tamura (Camp 3)
Derek Chinn (Camp 4)
Kiek Stam (Camp 4) (from the Netherlands)
Thimo Sommerfeld (Camp 4)

with the Guides
Mark Woodward (Camp 1)
Dean Staples (Camp 3)
Hiroyuki Kuraoka (Camp 3)

Early tomorrow morning, 24th May, the following members and Guide make their summit attempt with 8 sherpas.
Ian Wiper
Joanne Gambi
Rob Gambi
Barry Roberts
Paul Hockey
Andrew Marquis

with the Guide
Bill Crouse
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