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Author Topic: At what time of year can Everest be climbed?  (Read 5231 times)


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At what time of year can Everest be climbed?
« on: Oct 13 2004, 02:11 »

Just a question, at what time of year can Everest be climbed? is it just during those 3 or so weeks in May or can it be climbed at other times during the year. I have heard that a small number of people climb in October, is this true?

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Re: At what time of year can Everest be climbed?
« Reply #1 on: Oct 13 2004, 02:35 »

Yes your rigth daisy. In fact 7summits Harry was attempting it thsi autum and i did in spring.
The october season is not as good as the spring one. The good wheather window is smaller and theres much more snow regulary.


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Re: At what time of year can Everest be climbed?
« Reply #2 on: Oct 13 2004, 14:20 »

yep, there use to be more expeditions in the fall season and more summits as well. Last month we were the only expedition besides 2 Ukrainers.

Messner and some others have climbed in August, Cichy was the first to climb in February, which is called a winter ascent.

ACtually the weather and conditions were very good this August/september. Very little fresh snow, the snow higher up was only shindeep and quite firm. Also there was very little wind all the time, in 4 weeks we only saw the infamousd snow plume twice, rest of the days if there were clouds, they were not moving. But this was from Tibet, from Nepal you will have more monsoon clouds and snow..

98% of the people now climb in spring season which has more wind but the wind also removes the snow, together with the stronger sun.
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