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Author Topic: Thursday 26th August: Last Resort (1300m)- Tingri (4300m)  (Read 5033 times)


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(more from Harry...)

Thursday 26th August: Last Resort (1300m)- Tingri (4300m)

We left at 6 and headed for the landslide area. No change yet and we
carried my luggage over the slide area, to the line of waiting buses and
vans on the ohter side about 500m away. The bus would return to the border,
but was not leaving for a while so we chartered a passenger car which took
us nicely to the border.  Here we had to get all kinds of papers arranged
before we could carry our luggage over the 'Friendship Bridge' connecting
Nepal with Tibet/China.

 Another car was waiting for me on the other side and we headed off. The
driver did not speak one word of English and was as amicable and friendly as
all other Chinese I has seen so far (which means not at all..)

 After a few minutes we reached Zangmu where the luggage has to be screened.
I only took the large duffel bags as I did not trust the Xray machine on my
films in my daypack. It toook only a minute, but then I had to wait over an
hour as I also needed an 'Alien Travel Permit' in order to be able to travel

 We left Zhangmu around 13.00 and headed off into the green and wild Tibet.
The road climbed from 1700m to 3700m within an hour, the scenery was
amazing. The road is cut out of the steep walls next to a wild river which
drops all the way from the Tibethan plateau into Nepal. Loads of clouds and
moist air gave the area a spooky but nice feeling; not much traffic, so it
almost felt like being on a explorer's trip...

 Slowly the trees dissappeared and the area became more open as we entered
the platea. Soon after we stopped briefly in Nyalam (3750m), where most
climbers and trekkers spend a few nights to acclimatize, but as I was still
acclimatized (?) from Pakistan, we continued right away.

 I met the first Tibethans in Nyalam, but all they responded to my greetings
was 'Money, Money, Money!'. So much for the friendly image of the Tibethan
people... and that image did not get any better the next days by the way. If
you are blond, you are a walking ATM. If you want to make pictures of the
country, culture, architecture or even just talk to people, you will need to
pay. Money...

 A few hours later, after passing the 5100m high pass, filled with prayer
flags, we emerged onto the plateau where the enormous views of Cho Oyu were
dominating the southern skyline.

 We checked in one of the many obscure hotels in Tingri, 4300m. Still no-one
spoke any English, but the food was nice and I experienced no headaches...

 After dinner I walked the streets, out of the small town and checked the
skyline. And there she was, the Mother Goddess of the Earth, Chomolungma,
Sagarmatha, or as we know her, Mount Everest!!!

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