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Does anyone here at this forum or viewing this forum have their own personal website that they want to share with us? I'm not talking about "commercial" website but more websites about you as a person, who you are and your accomplishments.

I know trunl and Tanner have their own websites but I can't remember their URL's right now.

Come on, if you have one, add it here so that we can take a peak! ;)

My webside is still under construction. I have to add a lot of pictures and change tekst and stuff. And its in dutch ;D

But of course you can have a look at

I like the pic of 3 people under "Wie is Ron". I think it's you to the left then some frozen guy in the middle and then it looks like Harry to the right... Hilarious pic! :lol)

Yup it was on indeed the "tough" guy in his underware ;D 8)


--- Quote from: Ron on Oct 28 2004, 20:56 ---Yup it was on indeed the "tough" guy in his underware ;D 8)

--- End quote ---

 ::)  yep and I am the cool guy on the right  8)
But we have to give Bas who is the frozen guy in the middle credit for going sledding downhill on 3300m on Denali in his boxers (and barefeet) about 10 minutes before this picture  ;D

(While not wanting anyone to go copy that sledding as it is full of crevasses and the sled has no break, it was still cool  :lol))


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