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Author Topic: Who decided that Oceania would be a continent?  (Read 7091 times)


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Who decided that Oceania would be a continent?
« on: Jun 18 2002, 10:53 »

Can you explain to me why it is that you folks have decided that Oceania is one of the seven continents? While I was growing up and going to school in the 70s and 80s, the seven continents in the world included Austrailia, not Oceania. This was not that long ago, so I'm confused as to why I am seeing it on this web site.



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Re:Who decided that Oceania would be a continent?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 5 2002, 19:46 »

Who decided that Europe was a continent, not Eurasia?

In the climbing business there will always be people changing the rules of the game...

I learned in school that it was America, South America, Africa, Eurasia and Australia. Noboy mentioned Antarctica or anything like that.

I think Oceania is considered a continent based on the plates of the earth or something...

Read the FAQ and it may explain a lot.

Carstenz Pyramid is the highest peak in the geographical division known as Oceania. Kosciuszko happens to be in this division also - bit Carstenz is a more worthy summit, although I have failed on a winter climb of Kosciuszko in recent weeks myself! Ain't much of a picnic in bad weather!

I'll be posting about that trip whenever I get my journal typed up and my pictures scanned...


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Re:Who decided that Oceania would be a continent?
« Reply #2 on: Jul 10 2002, 16:49 »

Hi MoT,

thanks for answering this; please read this FAQ where we tried to explain all the discussions about the 7th summit and the continent question.

But Mot, I am very curious about your trip report  :)

Thanks and keep climbing,

The 7summits team
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Re:Who decided that Oceania would be a continent?
« Reply #3 on: Oct 9 2003, 03:41 »

it depends on your definition of a 'continent.' Most non-climbers recognize 7 continents with Australia. But when you get into climbers i would say about 3/4 of them recognize 7 with Oceania instead of Australia. Most climbers differentiate Asia and Europe, but some still call it Eurasia. It all depends on your definition of a continent.
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