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Author Topic: 21st April: about calories, hydration and hardship.  (Read 3454 times)


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As if our FBClub did not burn enough calories yesterday, we are getting even more serious exercise today. From Middle Camp to ABC might only be about 11km, but it also goes up from 5800m to 6400m, all new altitude for us on this trip and we definately feel it from the start, having to gain the moraine from the start. After a few up and downs on this rocky moraine ridge between 2 endless seas of ice sharks we see the cave that seems to come right out of TinTin in Tibet and if there is ever a place where the Yeti would hang out, this would be it :)

We continue very slowly, but steady, Lorenzo feels great and runs ahead, I mostly stay a few dozen meters ahead of the group to scout out the best and easiest route. Every vertical centimeter counts on this stretch and everything I can do to save the group some energy will pay back later. The remaining Fat Basterds walk steadily and close together with Lynne taking over John's job from yesterday. The weather is great again, sunny, no wind and we all wear light layers only. Though the track itself is easy, the going gets tough and we have to use our mental strength as much as our physical to make the next step on the seamingly endless series of up and downs..

We left at 11.30 and only when it is close to 18.00 we see ABC, Advance BaseCamp, a mix of many dozens of tents all cramped together on the inhospitable moraine ridge besides the Rongbuk Glacier. The last 30 minutes the weather changed completely and with snow stuck to our goretex clothing we arrive at the mess tent where we quickly try to rehydrate to avoid altitude disease.

Nickolay was not really happy with my decision to bring everybody up today as there were some problems that prevented the ABC from being fully ready for all members:
During yak transport our 2 big gas stoves broke and as there is still no running water at ABC we have to melt all water by chopping it from the glacier, so more mouths to hydrate might cause problems, but we seem to get by. Also as we were the last team up all the 'easy' spots were already taken, so there is a lot of work to do to place the 20-person mess tent, 2 kitchentents and 25 tents for the climbers and Sherpas. Not all are ready when we arrive but Nate shares with Robert and I take some of Noel & Lynne's luggage, so they can share a tent as well.

The team is all together now, only Alex and our doctor Andrey are in BC and Dimitry Moskalev who had problems with the altitude, is with them. Let's see how many people can stand sleeping at this altitude, higher than the continents of North America, Europe and Africa...

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Re: 21st April: about calories, hydration and hardship.
« Reply #1 on: Apr 28 2005, 05:06 »

I guess the days of plenty are over - at least for a few days!!  Having to hack into the snow and ice to melt for water sounds more like what I would have expected.  Sounds like a serious load of work to get those big tents up too!!  Don't despair, you will get there.

Best wishes, Colin
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