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Author Topic: 24th april: Sight and team going down..  (Read 3313 times)


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24th april: Sight and team going down..
« on: Apr 26 2005, 04:14 »

Noel wakes up to find his one remaining good eye is suddenly in the same state as the other: only blur and walking along the steep slopes of ABC suddenly becomes a very difficult task.
Though the Puja ceremony to bless our team and gear will be in a few hours, we decide that he must go down immediately and Lynne, James and I prepare ourselves for the long descent to Basecamp.
The first part down to Middlecamp takes us less than half the time it took us to get up a few days ago, even with Noel being unable to see the path clearly and having to rely on the shape of Lynne who is one meter in front of him.

The weather is great again, but while we lunch in the sun at middle camp, it starts snowing at ABC and almost a foot will fall this afternoon.

Our 7summits.com miniteam is accompanied by one of the other members of the Fat Bastards Club, James Wilde. Jamie lives in Munich, but was born and raised in New York and Carolina. His vocabulary is in total contrast with that of fellow climber Londoner Robert, who speaks the queens English as she has trouble doing it herself.
James is a clever and good guy, listens seriously to advice and is always willing to help others wherever he can. He is a good friend of Karo, together they form an important part of the team and it is great to have them around.

It takes us another 3 hours to get down from Middle camp to BC, I chat with Paul Boslooper, the lead guide of the Dutch team trying to climb Lakhpa Ri later this week. After this he will be going for the Big E as well, together we are the only two dutchmen trying to get from below sealevel to the highest point of earth this year :-)

Last but not least we encounter a long row of climbers in dark clothing. Upon closer inspection we discover that there are several Indian females! Yes, and even though they are flanked by at least as many men as there are women, and they do not shake their shoulders but are incredibly shy instead, they do exist!

At camp we are welcomed by more Russian culture: the shower tent has turned into a real sauna,a gas heater warms a casket of stones and several sleeping foam mats are covering self made benches. Also after dinner the Beer and salted Fish are making a guest appearance, and the culture gap is apparent and wider than the distance between the two dining tables alone.

But the atmosphere is good and while the emailing still does not work and the chargers and generator make extra hours and my voice has nearly disappeared as a result of the dry air, I have long discussions about digital photography with Dimitry Moskalev, who is feeling better after spending some time in Taszi Dzom, the next village down the road. He shows some amazing photographs from his recent trip to Mt Vinson and before we know it is after midnight and time to sleep in the oxygen filled air of 5200m above sealevel...

Song of the day:
- Sting: Russians -
"The Russians love their children too"



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Re: 24th april: Sight and team going down..
« Reply #1 on: Apr 28 2005, 05:41 »

Gosh, obviously some problems for Noel - hope all is OK by now!

At last, Harry - some women after all - now you are happy!!!  Just don't be practising any Kama Sutra techniques at 5200m!!  :lol)
Just remember that the sherpas frown on such activities and think it will displease the goddess of the sky?  Although if they are as shy as you say they are, I don't think there is much chance.  Keep taking the anti-hypoxia drugs to stave off any delusions of fun!!

Yes hadn't thought of it like that Harry - your leap in altitude is significantly greater than the others given the Netherlands lowly altitude.

Best wishes,
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