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Author Topic: Everest 1996  (Read 6204 times)

Hoekie Woutstra

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Everest 1996
« on: Apr 26 2005, 23:15 »

Hi fellows,

I'm a 18 years old kid whose read the book "Into Thin Air". My feelings about this book is very exciting, and three questions has suffered my brains since the day I finished this book.. Let we discuss about these questions?

1: What happened to Andy Harris, is his body found or not?

2: What happened to Doug Hansen, is his body found or not? Because an article says he was found a few meters from where the body of Rob Hall was found. The book says he felt from the mountain 7000 meters. Which one is true?

3: Are the bodies of Scott Fisher and Rob Hall still resting at the mountain? Because an article says Japanese climbers has removed bodies for a nature campaign.

I appreciate if you can answer these questions...

Kind regards

Wouter Hoekstra
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