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Author Topic: 28th May - Group 1 in Camp 2, Group 2 to follow tomorrow  (Read 10561 times)


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May 28 - Latest news from ABC and Camp2 [21:50 PM local time]:

"Group 1 made the climb from North Col to Camp 2 today (7700m), where they will stay the night. They will all go up to Camp 3 tomorrow (8300m), except for James who will come down.

Group 2 all set to go up from ABC tomorrow, as planned.

Weather is still pretty windy all around."
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Re: 28th May - Group 1 in Camp 2, Group 2 to follow tomorrow
« Reply #1 on: May 29 2005, 06:45 »


Let's hope the wind drops for at least 2 days to allow the guys to summit.  Do you know if James is linking up with group 2 for a summit attempt or is he suffering and intending to descend further, even to BC?

Also, can you pass on my last message to Harry and Lorenzo (my reply to Harry's comprehensive report for the period 22nd to 27th and his ramblings about evil yaks!!) - maybe it will give them a laugh and help keep up spirits.  Give my best wishes to all the team and say hello to Lorenzo and Harry from me.

Colin (from N Ireland)


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Re: 28th May - Group 1 in Camp 2, Group 2 to follow tomorrow
« Reply #2 on: May 29 2005, 08:37 »

Message to Lorenzo from Nikky and Ruth. Received concerned email from John (Green Pie Gang). All wish you well for your finally ascent. May only gentle winds blow for you and your team. When you reach the summit, we might have to re-think your position as Chairman of "The 30ft High Club"! (Nikky)

Mary Clare

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Re: 28th May - Group 1 in Camp 2, Group 2 to follow tomorrow
« Reply #3 on: May 29 2005, 12:56 »

Thanks Erik

I am sorry that James is heading back down.  Hope he is O.K.

I have a slight concern regarding the weather.  According to Alex, the weather prediction for June 1st has changed.  It may not be a good day to summit.  June 2nd and 3rd might be better.  It must be very hard to be making these decisions on which day to summit because as good as the technology is today...you just never know.  Especially on Mt. Everest!  I hope all will be safe and no one else gets frostbite.

It is surprising that no one has summited from the Nepalese side.  There is just too much snow.

Please tell Lorenzo that his blogs are so appreciated!!!  I know that he is carrying his own gear and the equipment obviously adds weight.  His wonderful blogs bring this unbelievable climb of Everest to life for all of us listeners...thank you Lorenzo  :)

All the best and good luck!
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