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Mushroom on Aconcagua (25.3 KB)

Description: Date/Time: 21.01.2003 9:10
Description: The next morning an enormous mushroom appears above Aconcagua. A 24-hour snowstorm starts later that day.

"The Central Argentine Andes and Mt. Aconcagua in particular receive the humidity of the winds that come from the anticyclonic centers of the Pacific Ocean. The climactic phenomenon known as the Zonda wind has an explanation similar to the Fohn of Europe. Strong winds from the West sometimes blow in the high altitudes, affecting the high part of the mountain (5500 meters and above), forming a big mushroom or lentil shaped cloud. Even in good weather, in Plaza de Mulas, the presence of the mushroom is an unmistakable sign of strong wind and precipitation in the altitude. Entering into the interior of this mushroom can have a fatal result. When the next formation is observed it is necessary to abandon the upper part of the mountain." (text Copyright
Keywords: Aconcagua, mushroom
Added by: bart Date: 29.05.2003 06:10
Hits: 26699 Rating: Rating: 3.73 (11 Vote(s)) 3.73 (11Vote(s))


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Join Date: 13.03.2002
Comments: 16
Very Nice pic!

Hi Bart,

great picture! and you are right about the lenticular cloud: do not go near to check it out ;-)
29.05.2003 06:15 Offline 7summits

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