Here you can find answers to the questions that are mostly asked about the 7 summits and this site.



  1. About the 7 summits:

    1. 'Why is Kosciuszko/Mt Cook not on your site, isn't that the highest point of Australia?'

    2. 'Dick Bass did not climb Carstensz, why not?'

    3. 'What about Mauna Kea, Hawaii, isn't that the highest mountain on earth? Oh and what about Chimborazo?'

    4. 'What are the second highest points per continent, aren't they much harder to climb?'

    5. There's a 5130m high Oceanic mountain in my atlas, isn't that higher than Carstensz?

    6. What books do you recommend about the 7summits and other mountains?

    7. Is K2 higher than everest; How do they measure the height of a mountain?

  2. About the site:

    1. 'Why a site about the 7 summits?'

    2. 'Who is behind'

    3. 'Did you get Awards'?

    4. 'How do I navigate the site?'

    5. 'Why a newsletter, what happens when I submit my email address?'

    6. 'Why are there advertisements on your site?'

    7. 'Can I advertise on your site or in your newsletter?'

    8. 'Can I help build your site?'



 More to come very soon: This FAQ will soon be filled with answers to your questions: send them using the feedback form