Göran Kropp @ the Op Pad Festival 2001

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Göran Kropp (left) is a great guy, literally and figuratively. Not just an incredible climber who gave up most of his life to pursue his dream to solo Everest, but also a great storyteller and performer.

On the first picture we posed for the camera, but when he pointed at his Helly Hansen clothing logo with a thumbs up, I could not resist trying to point his thumb down as everybody knows that The North Face makes the best clothes!!!

It was a tough fight with a Swede from about 2 meters high who soloed Everest without oxygen!


cover Click here to find out more about the book: Ultimate High, my Everest Odyssey, the amazing story of Göran Kropp who cycled from Sweden to Everest and climbed it solo! Great story and inspiration for everybody with a dream.