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Types of Tanzanian Safari 



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There are 4 types of Safari, on each type of trip you will get a private car, driver and cook, just the places you sleep are different. In ascending order of price:

Please see the trip page for the latest prices

  • Camping trip: Here you will sleep in tents/sleeping bags (2 persons in 3 person tents) on campsites in or near the parks; your cook will prepare your food. Due to longer set-up times we recommend at least 5 days when you want to see the Serengeti as part of the safari. There are 3 campsites: 
    • Twiga by Lake Manyara 
    • Kudu by Ngorongoro Crater
    • Seronera Campsite by Serengeti
  • Lodge Safari: you will sleep in Lodges placed on nice spots in the park. These are hotels where you will eat breakfast, dine and sleep. They will supply a lunch package for the game drives. There are 5 lodges available:  
    • Lake Manyara Hotel 
    • Seronera Lodge (Serengeti)
    • Lobo Lodge (Serengeti) 
    • Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge
    • Highview Hotel (Karatu/NgoroNgoro) 
  • Tented lodges are a bit of a luxury mix of camping and lodges; think of it as "out of Africa" lodging...  Beds in larger tents, with washing basins etc. Note that there is no Tented Lodge in the NgoroNgoro crater: though we can include the crater in the itinerary, you cannot sleep inside.
    • Migunga Camp (Lake Manyara) 
    • Porini (Tarangire) 
    • Ngaresero Lodge (Lake Natron) 
    • Ikoma Bush (West Serengeti)
    • Serengeti Wild camp (Central Serengeti)

Giraffe in Serengeti

lion in serengeti

redheaded Iguana

warrior paint

Lake Manyara

Reflecting pool in Serengeti

dark skies in serengeti

baboon at Lake Manyara park

Waterbuffalo in Serengeti