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GPS waypoints of the Polish traverse and normal routes



Below are the waypoints for the Polish traverse and normal route on Aconcagua make sure you use the same grid/datum (see your GPS manual). The altitude is less accurate, but given as well, thanks to Rob Milne for supplying additional data.

Any additions for Aconcagua routes or other 7summits routes? email them to us.


First part is an alphabetical list of the waypoints with position, the second group is the route with directions.

Submitted by: Rob Milne Scottish Mountaineering Club Jan-02/04
Harry Kikstra Jan-00/04
Grid Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm'
Datum WGS 84
Aconcagua via Polish Glacier Traverse/Vacas valley
Header Name Position Altitude (From the GPS, not accurate)
Waypoint Puerta del Incas S32 49.478 W69 54.572 8928 ft
Waypoint Vacas Trailhead S32 51.042 W69 45.653 7794 ft
Waypoint Water  S32 45.582 W69 48.320 9298ft
Waypoint Water  S32 45.388 W69 48.441 9357 ft
Waypoint Las Lenas (newer site) S32 45.119 W69 48.454
Waypoint Bridge S32 44.677 W69 48.540 9514 ft
Waypoint 1st view of Aconcagua  S32.38.234 W 69 50.295
Waypoint Old Case Piedre camp S32 38.088 W 69 50.291
Waypoint Cross River S32 38.013 W69 50.437 10702 ft
Waypoint Water S32 38.145 W69 51.709 11079 ft
Waypoint Big Hill S32 38.213 W69 51.863 11190 ft
Waypoint Cross River 2 S32 38.329 W69 52.322 11661 ft
Waypoint Plaza Argentina Base Camp  S32 38.749 W 69 56.683
Waypoint Camp 1 (16,020 ft) S32.38.300 W 69 58.676
Waypoint Col Camp  S32 38.297 W 69 59.551
Waypoint Camp 2 (19,000 ft) (we were crossing the glacier to the normal route, so this is a camp location on a moraine on the glacier, about 150 yards west of the standard camp located among the cliffs to the east of the glacier) S32 38.493 W 69 59.904
Waypoint High Camp (20,300 ft.) (this is the junction of the Falso de los Polacos and the Ruta Normal trails) S32 38.637 W 70 00.890
Waypoint Independencia S32 38.712 W70 00.962 13319 ft
Waypoint Aconcagua Summit (Rob reading) S32 39.188 W70 00.719 22612 ft
Aconcagua via Normal route/Horcones valley
Header Name Position Altitude 
Waypoint Park Entrance (Horcones) S32 49.469 W69 56.526
Waypoint Ranger Station S32 48.630 W69 56.490
Waypoint Confluencia S32 45.416 W69 57.887
Waypoint Piedra Grande  S32 44.130 W70 00.050
Waypoint Hotel Refugio S32 39.220 W70 03.790
Waypoint Old Plaza de Mulas S32 39.371 W70 03.371
Waypoint Plaza de Mulas S32 38.840 W70 03.490
Waypoint Camp Canada S32 38.268 W70 02.583
Waypoint Nido de Condores S32 38.160 W70 01.790
Waypoint Berlin Huts S32 38.260 W70 01.270