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Carstenz Pyramid Hiking expedition 2008


Please charge me the above cost for Carstensz Pyramid trip costs from Manado, Indonesia.
I agree to pay a deposit of €2500 within 10 days and the remainder (€5350) 60 days before departure. By paying the deposit I agree to all terms and conditions as found on this page.


Please fill out the form, it is important we receive your signature and emergency info, just in case. 

The passport info etc is needed for the permits, please make sure the details are correct and consistent with your passport.

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- above 4000m

- cold conditions & 

- technical rock      

  climbing ability


!!! For your booking we need: A scan of your passport, in high quality as well as a recent picture with a red background or at least a clear (monocolour) background, so we can alter it ourselves, in order to comply with the permit regulations. Please email both files when applying for this trip to bookings (at ) 7summits.com


*** Important Notices, Terms and Conditions ***



I: Payment, Refund & Cancellation & No Shows and bank expenses:


Land tour cost

- Bank expenses: All bank (transfer) expenses will be paid by the client (also when refunding). Please make sure you arrange this with your local bank.


- Cancellation fees

  • For cancellation prior to 30 days before the departure date there will be a cancellation fee of €1500.

  • For cancellation between 15 and 30 days before the departure date there will be a cancellation fee of €3000.

  • For cancellation between 0 and 15 days before the departure date or no-show there will be a cancellation fee of €8850 (full price)


  • Before arrival: paid amounts will be refunded minus a non-refundable part of €1500. When alternative dates will be organized, this amount will be applied to a new Carstensz trip booking.

  • After arrival: part of the paid fee might be refunded, but this is not guaranteed as we are dependent on refund from many local contractors. So in principle the balance is non refundable unless agreed otherwise. The full advance payment is not refunded as we already spent $ arranging permits, providing porters, paying deposit of charter plane, and other mostly non or partially refundable things that need to be paid in advance.

  • There will be no refund if a member leaves a trip for any reason either voluntarily or involuntarily after the trip has begun. No refund will be made for any services not utilized or if the trip has to be canceled or changed due to different reasons, including but not limited to: plane/crew problems, social/political unrest or permit problems. Unexpected changes might need additional costs, which will have to be paid by the client.

II: Route changes, permits, guides::



Every effort will be made to adhere to the original planned itinerary, however it must be realized that with this type of adventurous trip changes to the itinerary may occur for which 7summits accepts no responsibilities, however caused. Circumstances may arise where we are forced to alter the duration of the expedition or even cancel it.





The trip is designed to climbing Carstensz Pyramid the classic way; in the event of changing the route before or after the expedition has started, there will be no refund of  the expedition cost (in the whole or in part).

The expedition cost is quoted as a package. No partial REFUNDS or CREDIT will be given for services not used and participants can not claim any additional expenses, inconvenience and loss of time due to change, postponement or delay.



Our guides have rights to cancel the expedition or make changes on itinerary if the situation is NOT allowed due to above causes or due to the changes on flight schedules made by the flight companies.



The permits we arrange for you are ONLY for climbing, NOT for filming/documentary activities beyond the climbing itself. For filming/documentary activities with heavy filming equipment and crews, you should have a SPECIAL FILMING PERMIT.

Otherwise, we could get sanctions from the local authorities which could cause problems to the climbing expedition itself and to 7summits in carrying out these expeditions.



III: Passport, Visa, Insurance.


- Passport and visa: All members must be in possession of a valid passport and the required visa. 7summits.com and it's local agents will advise and assist, but it is client's responsibility to provide the correct documents.

- Insurance: Members must be protected by insurance that covers cancellation, accident (injury or death), health, emergency evacuation, mountaineering and loss of or damage to baggage and personal effects.

- Rescue:

* Emergency contact: *

 In case of emergency please notify:








If there are any other specific requirements like special food, please let us know here and we will try to accommodate you


IV: Responsibility:

7summits.com acts as an agent for transport companies, hotels and other contractors and shall not be held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay and irregularity that may be occasioned for any reason, including, but not limited to, wild and domestic animals, altitude disease in any form, any defect in vehicle/helicopters, the acts of any company or person engaged in conveying passengers, acts of God, detention, delay, injuries or expenses arising from quarantine, terrorism, war, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force-majeure, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, accidents by air-craft, helicopter, boat, bicycle, or any other (non) motor vehicle, or any hotel, inn, restaurant or accommodation, failure of any means or transportation to arrive or depart as scheduled or changes in transit, hotel, inn, guest house or camping service.


V: Release and Assumption of Risk:

I am aware that, during the trip that I am participating in under the arrangements of 7summits.com and its agents and associates, I may be subjecting myself to dangers and hazards, which could result in illness, injury or death. I recognize that such risks, dangers and hazards may be present at any time during the trip. 

I also am aware that medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible during some or all of the time in which I am participating in the trip. 

In consideration of, and as part payment for, the right to participate in the trip and the associated activities, services and food arranged for me by 7summits.com and its agents or associates, I have and do hereby fully assume all risk of illness, injury or death, and by signing this booking form (and/or paying the deposit) release and discharge 7summits.com and its agents and associates from all actions, claims or demands for injury or damage resulting from my participation in the trip. I agree that the forgoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally, as well as upon my heirs, executors and administrators, and for all members of my family, including any minors accompanying me.



I, the undersigned, insured under Policy by

Insurance Company, hereby release 7summits.com and its staff from relations with the Insurance Company if an accident or injury occurs.

I also acknowledge that I have carefully read this 7summits.com information including its policy on cancelled trips and refunds, fully understand its contents and agree to all stated conditions. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between me and 7summits.com and/or its affiliated organizations and sign it of my own free will.











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Please sign the print out & mail (PDF/Jpg/Tif) or fax it to 7summits.com(Fax: +31 84221 3392)


The deposit should be transferred to the following (mailing) address and bank account:


Name: K.H.Kikstra, 7summits.com
Address: 2e Oosterparkstraat 156-B
Zip code: 1092 BR
City, country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bank and account#: ABN AMRO bank#
(Bank address: Sarphatistraat 47-55 Amsterdam)
IBAN: NL46ABNA0629156670


For the advance or full payment you can also use Credit Card through PayPal (pay to bookings@7summits.com), but then there will be 4% added in costs to cover costs.


Thanks very much for your booking. Any questions can be asked on bookings@7summits.com 

We trust you will enjoy your trip, with kind regards,



Harry Kikstra

Director 7summits.com



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* Additional comments about the trip and the travel in Indonesia *



It is important to remember when booking an adventure trip to Indonesia that cultural differences can lead to inconsistencies in standards. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an open mind, patience and flexibility. Frustrations can occur with the inefficiency of some services during the trip. A flexible attitude is required for enjoyment of travel in Indonesia. Understanding that problems can arise allows you to enjoy the experience more.



- you will traveling to the "wild area & remote place" of a third world country. The limitation of facilities, infra-structures, Unpredictable weather and cultural differences can lead you to Inconsistency in standards and can make you frustrations due to the above

- Therefore you must ready for unexpected things and sometimes the arrangements 'in the field' do not go as smoothly as planned. This is part of reality here and will be part of your trip, it also should be part of your experience!



For those who want to travel and enjoy this expedition, it is very important to set your expectations on the right level for a third world country, and leaving Western expectations behind. Consequently the life style on this expedition is necessarily very different from that of an ordinary holiday. You must approach travel in this area of the world with an OPEN MIND, PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY.

A flexible attitude and understanding problems that can arise allows you to enjoy this expedition more.

If you are not prepared or willing to accept all of these facts, you should not enroll in this expedition. However, the staff of 7summits will be working hard to overcome problems which may arise to ensure that its standard of services is maintained. You should be aware that some things are beyond our control.



Though the mountain area is clear of the disease, Papua is situated in the Malaria zone. Please contact your local physician about prescription and obtaining the appropriate prophylaxis.