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The new 7summits newsletter September 2004: Everest 2006 for 12,000!

www.7summits.com irregular newsletter, September 2005, part 2

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Hello all you (armchair) Mountaineers!


As promised here is the 2nd and last newsletter for this month (and maybe year :-)

Did you miss part one of the September 2005 newsletter with news about Carstensz, Vinson and more?

It can be found online here: http://7summits.com/info/newsletters/newsletter0905_1.htm


In this issue:

- Everest 2006, Tibet North side classic route for only 12,000!

- Harry Kikstra writes new Aconcagua guidebook, now available. Win a copy!

- Kilimanjaro & Safari fees much higher in 2006, book now for 2005.

- Many updates on the official 7summits statistics.

- Stock photography and handmade enlargements.


Everest 2006: 12,000! All-in!


In the coming Everest 2006 spring season 7summits.com will again be the agency of choice to book an expedition with if you are price conscious. You can simply pay $30-40,000 to the other companies or you can go for much less on a fully serviced expedition with us. Of course you will not get 3 private Sherpas to carry your water bottle, so this expedition is meant for climbers who can climb and have mental and physical strength.


The expedition will take place in April-June 2005, if you book and pay your advance before October 1, then it costs only 12,000 (currently about $14,750) and includes oxygen, shared High Altitude Sherpas, tents, yaks, all food and one western guide, Alex Abramov, who has guided and summited Everest before and brought many people to the summit. Additional services can be added if needed, like a private HA Sherpa, extra oxygen, private guide etc. After October the price will be higher.


See the special Everest expedition page for a complete overview of what is included, itinerary etc.

There is also an option to climb to North Col only, for only 4000.


Harry Kikstra writes new Aconcagua Guidebook


I have just finished the first book in the new Rucksack Pockets summit series.
This first book is about Aconcagua and is a small and practical guide you can easily take with you to the summit! Only 112grams and printed on Waterproof paper with 60 photo's and much info on 96 pocket-sized pages.

It can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com/uk/de or
at my publisher, they have got many other nice hiking books. The bookstores around the world do not have their copies yet, they are on the way by boat, but it might take another month or 2.

I already have a limited supply, so if you want an autographed 1st edition version, you can order it by sending 13,50 (including 3,50 euro P&P) by PayPal to bookings@7summits.com. Do not forget to include your address!

To celebrate the fact I am giving 3 signed copies away. Want to win? Check the forum here.
Of course anyone who will book a 7summits.com Aconcagua trip will receive a complimentary copy, find all dates and prices here: http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips.php



Kilimanjaro & Safari fees much higher in 2006, book quickly and go in 2005


In 2006, the Kilimanjaro and Safari prices will be higher due to a major increase in the park fees. Read the forum for all details, but basically, the prices will increase:

- $30 per person per day for Kilimanjaro National Park
- $20 pppd for Serengeti National Park
- $100 per CAR, for NgoroNgoro crater
- Extra charges for the lodges, they raise their own prices as a result, average $20-40 pppd

This will make an average climb and safari trip $300- $450 more expensive per person, all effectively Jan 1 2006. We are very sorry about this, this has just been announced and finalized last month. The past 4 years the park fees had been roughly the same and so were our prices which always have included all park fees. But now we will have to charge these extra fees to our customers; we do not make any profit on these fees, they go 100% to the government.

So if you want your Kilimanjaro and Safari trip to be as inexpensive as possible, go before Januari 1 2006!




Many updates on the 7summits statistics

 Well, Everest season has brought us quite a few new summiteers and many 7 summits records were broken: The youngest female, the youngest male, the fastest (and prettiest) woman, the first Canadian woman and many more. Also as Carstensz is finally open again (see http://7summits.com/carstensz/trips.php for expedition info), new names are being added to the Carstensz list.


Check out all official statistics here in the only complete lists, and click on any last name in the lists to see all the full details, a free (but copyrighted!) service of 7summits.com.




Stock photography and handmade enlargements

Did you know you can order many of the pictures on 7summits.com?

We do sell them in limited amounts, all hand printed and signed by me (the photographer) if needed.


Most pictures are available as Managed Rights Stock images as well, which means that they are not available on stock CD's, but can be licensed for specific uses only. These images are high quality, can be shipped as transparencies or downloaded as a high resolution scan up to 11,000DPI for slides.

More info and examples here.

Just send an email to info @ 7summits.com with your request and we will send a quote.




Oh, and for those that missed the 5page article in the Dutch Panorama... you can download it here


That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if not, just click the unsubscribe link and you are off


Did you miss part one of the September 2005 newsletter with news about Carstensz, Vinson and more?

It can be found online here: http://7summits.com/info/newsletters/newsletter0905_1.htm



Looking forward to seeing you on the new site, remember you can post on the forum and upload your pictures and send them as ecards at the images gallery!,

thanks and keep climbing,




Harry Kikstra

Director, www.7summits.com

"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

(more quotes can be found on the site here)

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Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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