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7summits.com newsletter: Vinson discount, Everest lower, posters 20% off and Aconcagua guidebook now available.

The new 7summits newsletter October 2005: Vinson discount, Everest lower?

www.7summits.com irregular newsletter, October 2005

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Hello all you (armchair) Mountaineers, here is your favorite (?) irregular newsletter!


In this issue:

- Last call for Vinson 2005/2006. Almost full, discount available.

- Everest re-measured: she is lower! Or is she?

- 20% discount on posters until tomorrow evening.

- New Aconcagua guidebook now available everywhere, sample pages online


+ Vinson expeditions , almost full, book now!

- Reserve and Book now: Vinson 2005/2006. We just got word from the logistics operator that the trips are filling up really fast as there is limited capacity on the planes, so please let us know immediately if you want to come and pay a deposit to reserve your place. The first 2 trips are full, available are:


Trip #

Start date End date Duration Price
Mount Vinson 3 (almost full) December 19 December 29 11 days $26,000
Mount Vinson 4 December 29 January 15 18 days $26,000


For the first new person to sign up for V3 or V4 we have a possibility for an additional discount. Contact us at info@7summits.com if you are seriously interested.


Every company has to use the same logistics partner, so the trips are all the same, only the price is different. We already have next years prices, it will go up to $28,950.

7summits has the lowest price as always, check it out here: Vinson 2005/2006.

Really, be quick if you want to come along!





+Everest remeasured: she is lower! Or is she?
While I was on Everest, the Chinese team was re-measuring the mountain and her summit. Last week the new results were finally published, 7summits.com was the first mountaineering site to mention it on the forum.

The new height according to the Chinese is now 8844.43m (29,017.15ft)with a margin of 21cm. However, this is the height of the rock, currently hidden beneath 3.5m of ice and snow. So in fact the measurement is the same as 30 years ago as you still have to climb that final 3.5 m to the summit -> 8848m...


Read the full announcement on the forum:




New poster shop on 7summits.com with 20% discount on everything until tomorrow evening!


+ Start X-mas shopping early and save. Need a b-day gift, want to motivate someone or did you go on safari and forgot your 500mm zoom lens? Or Celebrate the Everest summits of your friends! We made a fresh selection of Art.com's over 100.000 prints and artworks and have placed them on the 7summits.com Postershop with categories Everest, Kilimanjaro, Denali & Alaska, Safari and Motivational. You can order with (and see how it looks online) or without frames. This makes a great gift for your climbing and non-climbing friends and family or gives you the chance to hike back on the memory lane. 


+ Some examples are on the right of this newsletter, click to go to the detailed info or visit the 7summits.com Postershop for all the selected art.


+Promotion: Check out the new 7summits.com poster and Art shop and the posters to the right, buy them framed or unframed until Oct 17th and take 20% off all posters!

--->> Don't forget to use this special coupon code Oct20 to get the 20% off and order before Oct 18! <<---

Now the shipping costs to Europe and the rest of the world have been reduced enormously, so no more reasons not to order from outside the US!



Harry Kikstra writes new Aconcagua Guidebook

I have just finished the first book in the new Rucksack Pockets summit series.
This first book is about Aconcagua and is a small and practical guide you can easily take with you to the summit! Only 112grams and printed on Waterproof paper with 60 photo's and much info on 96 pocket-sized pages.

It is now available through all Amazon.com sites. I have a limited supply, so if you want an autographed 1st edition version, you can order it by sending $14.95 / 12,95 (including $4.50 / 3,50 P&P) by PayPal to bookings@7summits.com. Do not forget to include your address!

Now there are sample pages and detailed info about the book online, see them here:



Of course anyone who will book a 7summits.com Aconcagua trip will receive a complimentary copy, find all dates and prices here: http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips.php


That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if not, just click the unsubscribe link and you are off

Looking forward to seeing you on the new site, remember you can post on the forum and upload your pictures and send them as ecards at the images gallery!,

thanks and keep climbing,




Harry Kikstra

Director, www.7summits.com

Below are some popular examples of art you can buy online in our new 7summits.com postershop:


Buy Everest Conquered! at Art.com
Everest Conquered!
London Herald


Buy Mt. Everest, Top of the World at Art.com

Mt. Everest, Top of the World


Buy Elephant by Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya at Art.com
The Summit of Mount Everest

But we also have others like:


Buy Mt. McKinley & Wonder Lake, 1947 (embossed) (Editor's Choice) at Art.com

Ansel Adams' 

Denali at Wonder Lake


Buy The First Kiss at Art.com
The First Kiss
Ron D`Raine


Buy World Wildlife Fund - Lioness & Cub at Art.com

Lioness with cub


Buy The Key to Life is Balance at Art.com

The key to life is balance


Buy Teamwork at Art.com


"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

(more quotes can be found on the site here)

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Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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