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7summits.com/7summits-club.com climbing Mt Vinson;

blogs & podcasts


Hello all you (armchair) mountaineers!


The great cooperation between Russian 7summits-club and Dutch 7summits on Everest this year is being followed up. This season we will be on the Antarctic ice to climb Mt Vinson, the highest peak of ‘Terra Incognita’.

We will have 3 trips there, from the 5th of December – 15th January. The expeditions will be guided by Alex Abramov, the last one together with Harry Kikstra.

The logistics partner that all expeditions hire to arrange the flights is Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, ALE. They organise the Antarctic expeditions base camp in Patriot Hills, and the Vinson Base camp at the foot of the mountain.


Blogs, podcasts, comments and subscriptions:


This season we will try to update you using podcasts and blogs. These can be found at http://7summits.com/blog. We will post stories and pictures from Punta Arenas and from the ice.


You can subscribe to the blogs (messages/pictures) and/or podcasts (audiofiles -> mp3) using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). If you subscribe to our ‘feeds’ you will get notified when new messages are posted, and you can download the podcasts on your Ipod.




Thanks and keep climbing,

Harry Kikstra, www.7summits.com

This expedition is being sponsored by
-The North Face: Never stop exploring!
-Sander van Gent, Meesterbouw Den Haag
-Ralph The, Orthondontiepraktijk The, Den Haag

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Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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