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7summits.com newsletter April 2007: Elbrus dates, Aconcagua discount and win a 7summits book.

The new 7summits newsletter March 2007: Elbrus traverse, Aconcagua dates and discount and win a 7 summits book!

www.7summits.com irregular newsletter, April 2007

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Hello all you (armchair) Mountaineers!


Here is the irregular 7summits..com newsletter with a new adventure in Russia, new Aconcagua dates and a chance for a free book.


In this issue:

- Elbrus special expedition: climb from the North and traverse over the mountain, correct dates.

- Aconcagua 2007/2008 dates, prices and discount

- Win a free copy of Jo Gambi's 7 summits book Holding On

- today only: 30% discount on all posters and prints at Art.com

- Next newsletter: discount and giveaway


Special Elbrus North-South traverse expedition in July, date correction:

In the previous newsletter, there was an incorrect end date mentioned, the correct dates for this special North-South traverse are: July 21st - August 3rd


Join us and really climb the highest mountain of Europe! The first people already have signed up and the trip is 100% going ahead. All info: http://7summits.com/elbrus/trips.php



New Aconcagua 2007/2008 prices and dates, discount before August 1.


We have announced the new dates and prices for the upcoming Aconcagua season, you can find all routes & dates here: http://7summits.com/aconcagua/trips.php


Special discount:  Fixed departure dates bookings with advance or full payments received before 1st August will get $150 discount per person, paying 2006 prices!



New 7summits book Jo Gambi, win a free copy

Rob & Jo Gambi were the first married couple to climb the 7 summits together and after their climbs Jo wrote the book: Holding On (A story about Love and survival).

Jo sent me a copy and it was a great read. She managed to give the climbing of the 7 summits a personal face by describing her husband Rob's fight against cancer, before and during their adventures. It starts with the hilarious first contacts in the mountains and continues with their dream to climb the 7 summits while Rob is recovering from his cancer.

As with most 7 summits climbs, Everest is the literal highpoint of the climbs, she manages to write about the climb and all its ups and downs grippingly without any false sentiments. Anyone that has ever climbed Everest from the Tibetan side will relive their experiences, anyone still planning to do it, especially on an organised expedition, should read it.

Read the full review here on the forum and see what you need to do to win a free copy of the hardcover version of the book.





Lastminute: One day action only! 30% off from all Art.com posters!


To celebrate the 154th B-day of Dutch master Vincent van Gogh, Art.com is offering 30% off all posters and prints. This offer is only valid today and ends midnight 30th March (USA time).


So go to the 7summits.com posters page ( http://7summits.com/info/7_posters.html) and get great mountain, motivational or safari posters. Or check Art.com's website here and save on other great offers. Do not forget to use the special discount code: VANGG




The next newsletter will come soon, likely containing amongst other things:

- a Carstensz Pyramid climb in August and

- a free giveaway of a copy of the new Denali pocket guidebook,


so read it when you get it!


That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this newsletter, if not, just click the unsubscribe link and you are off



thanks and keep climbing,




Harry Kikstra

Director, www.7summits.com

"He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

(more quotes can be found on the site here)

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Keep climbing,
the 7summits team

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